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pesto monday!

good evening happy monday!!

I hope everyone woke up well, had pleasant dreams, and loving life.

I have had an awesome day. I plan on telling you more on what I did in a different post. this post is about pesto. 

do you like pesto ? I have never been a big fan of pesto. when we went out to restaurants I never would order it. I discovered pesto when I experimented with another recipe. 

since then I try to use in or sneak it in. my bf doesn’t really like it lol. I put it on my chicken most the time. I had planned on something totally different for dinner. but we had some friends come over for dinner and had to switch up what I was making. I don’t mind cooking for friends, I love it! even when I find out when i get home that I’m cooking for 2 more when I planned for only 2, lol. 

I decided to do chicken breasts covered with pesto and topped with tomatoes. 

I decided to do broccoli, potatoes, and onions. I just roughly cut up the potatoes and onions. tossed everything in a pan, seasoned and covered with foil. 

I popped everything in the I’ve  on 350* for about 45 minutes. 

this is a perfect meal if you want something fast. you can prep before, pop in oven then catch up with friends. in my case, catch up on blogs, watch tv, and read some. 

I also did this with pasta. I just cooked, added some butter, garlic aloli and pepper. 

My portion consisted of 3 oz of chicken pesto, my bf tomatoes cuz he doesn’t like them. I had 1/3 cup potatoes and as much broccoli as I wanted. had 2/3 cup pasta. 

I didn’t get a picture of the finished meal … it was gone way to fast. 


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