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Monday fresh start 

today I am starting a fresh start. I am going to do better with my blogging as well as my health. my health first of course.

My plan is that each day I’m going to tell you my plan. then at the end of the day I’ll update you on my to do list, food, and thoughts. 

  • wake up at 545 am, be at gym by six.am
  • work out from 6 to 715 am. 
  • be home by 720, take shower and have shake for breakfast
  • work 815 to 5 pm. lunch should be veggies n shake
  • home by 5ish
  • take care of pets, water/feed and clean cages
  • cook dinner, spaghetti, chicken, broccoli, and tomatoes
  • set up lunch meals rest of week, take pictures. 
  • blog about end of day
  • blog for t Tuesday to do list
  • blog about life as a nurse letter 
  • look up my book babe and find book I’m going to send
  • take a walk with bf
  • set out clothes for t uesday including workout, work clothes, and after clothes 
  • read for a little bit before bed

hope everyone has an awesome day! what are you plans for the day? 


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