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perfect way to end the week

I am having an awesome weekend. I was very productive. we got up, had breakfast. I know it prob doesn’t sound good but I made green beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms. I then added 1/3 c egg whites. plus my mocha shake. I needed a little extra protein this morning, I was really hungry when I got up. 

here is a picture while I was cooking:

here is the finished product. I know it doesn’t look that good, but it was very good and filling. 

we went grocery shopping. I had planned to take a picture of my cart but i didn’t get one.

 I completely forgot. I didn’t buy much.. canned goods, guinea/rabbit food and bedding, cat litter, flavored water, lunch meat and bread for bf lunches, and pop. 

when we got home we decided we might as well clean the house. we didn’t want to but the dishes and dirty house was bad. I did a sneaky deal and when bf was outside catching up with a friend that stopped by.. I cleaned up everything in the house other than starting the laundry and dishes. I do not like doing laundry. I will fold and our away but taking down the basement.. no way. it’s creepy, dark and creepy. I also didn’t want to do dishes lol. 

no this isn’t a pic of my kitchen sink. 

when he came back inside I told him to finish up and I’ll go work out 🙂 

he wasn’t happy but he still did it lol

I ended up going to the gym. I started out walking for 32 minutes. I have been recently taking pictures of my workout on the treadmill. 

166 calories!!!

i then completed these strengthening exercises. I was pretty proud of myself!

for dinner I was very good with what I ate. I had a 3 oz hamburger, broccoli, and 4 oz of fries. I stayed within my calorie intake all day!!

did everyone else have a good day? did u do anything fun?


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