it is all in the outfit!

today I signed up for the local gym. I had signed up in the last with them but I didn’t like how much it cost. j wasn’t using it very much. 

one of the girls I work with told me that the local gym does payroll deduction. I figured this was perfect. I don’t have to worry about having enough money to pay for it, it is already taken out. 

I now just need to use it. 

I am motivated to lose the weight. I need to lose the weight. 

to get myself motivated I went and bought some clothes. what girl doesn’t like clothes?!?

I bought a tank top that says “mind over matter”, shorts  and a sports bra. 

I’m not usually a pink girl but I was going with a theme for motivation. I plan on getting up in the morning and working my butt off!!


9 thoughts on “it is all in the outfit!

  1. I LOVE the outfit. Unfortunately I can’t go to the gym now because I have no car, I have to walk 2 km to get to public transportation and then it’s not even good (there aren’t many buses and they don’t make the connections I need). That’s the only bad thing about living in such a small village. But I do my YouTube workouts and walk. I miss swimming so much.

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