A view of June.

Hello everyone. Sorry I did not post my june post on time. I was sick on the first and went to bed by 7:30. I know I should have planned things out more… but yeah didn’t happen. just like most of goals for may did not happen. lol.

June. its the beginning of summer for most kids. sunny weather, cool nights, bugs, sunscreen, lake. I love summer. this month I really hope to accomplish a lot.

Days to remember:

June 24th -my sisters birthday!

There really isn’t anything planned for june. I did not sign up for any craft classes at the library. they didn’t have anything when I was off work. We also don’t really have anything extra going on with my family or the bfs as of right now.

Things I want to get doneto do list

  1. put together the shoe storage from ikea. this was on last months to do. I better get it done.
  2. hang up pictures in my room
  3. clean out frig. this really should get done sooner rather than later
  4. clean up the mud room especially the white cabinet
  5. dust the kitchen
  6. plant some flowers
  7. figure out the herb garden containers in the mud room
  8. go thru kids bedroom for garage sale items
  9. go thru our bedroom for garage sale items
  10. go thru basement and where ever else is left for garage sale items
  11. buy book babe book for my book club
  12. finish my local book club book

Goals for Junegoals4

  1. do dishes every night before bed
  2. do a load of laundry before I leave for work, come home and put away
  3. take a walk every night with the bf
  4. stick to a budge
  5. have at least one date with the bf
  6. take my medicine every day

goals for my blog

  1. post every day
  2. finish out the life as a nurse challenge
  3. post some recipes
  4. post book reviews
  5. read up on blogs that I haven’t had time to read on

goals for my weight loss journey

  1. eat breakfast
  2. track foods every day
  3. track exercise every day
  4. go to gym at least 5 days a week. if not before work, try to get in after work
  5. eat healthy, no eating out all week
  6. lose at least 5 more pounds
  7. create a weight loss motivation board in mud room by treadmill
  8. walk at least 1-3 miles every day
  9.  no pop
  10. no cheating
  11. don’t let stress dictate how I eat or exercise

books on my TBR shelf

  1. before I go to sleep s. j. Watson– this is for my book club
  2. how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk adele faber- this is for the parenting book club that I am in
  3. killing kate alex lake
  4. the next accident lisa gardner
  5. alone lisa gardner
  6. my husbands wife jane corry
  7. heart of a killer daven rosenfelt
  8. made for us Samantha chase
  9. since she went away david bell
  10. most dangerous place james grippando
  11. the girl who was taken Charlie donlea
  12. under the knife Kelly parsons

wow that is a lot!

I hope june continues to be good. it is only the third of the month and I am being pretty healthy lately. I haven’t spent to much money… i’m posting almost every day. I am half way thru the book Before I go to sleep. I haven’t completed anything on my goals or things to do, but there is plenty of time!


2 thoughts on “A view of June.

  1. I just love this. You have many goals and feel so motivated, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of things done. Also, you’re not late, it’s your blog. You could be publishing this on the 15th and still be on time 🙂 Good luck for this month and keep us updated on your progress ❤

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