library haul 02

Ok, I have a problem. I went to the library today to get more books when my previous book stack has barely decreased. oh well… gotta love the books.  :). here are the books that I picked up. as an fyi, i just read a little except about the book, put it in my own words for you to know what I picked out. I know they are vague sometimes, but i don’t know anything about the book yet.


This would be my house if I could have more books!


still live by Louise Penny

Three pines is a beautiful place and a place for murders. neighbors and visitors are friendly to each other, you feel right at home. Jane Neal is a well known person in the community, everyone loves her. Loves her so much that she is murdered with an arrow thru the chest. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache sets out to find out what happened to her.

Wilde Lake by laura lippman20170630_164653

 Luisa is the state’s attorney in Maryland that decides to take her first case about a homeless man that is tried for killing a women in her own home. she starts to remember when her brother was accused of killing another man to save his best friends. memories and stories start to arise. not sure what i think about this book yet. i was drawn to the cover for than anything.

Lockdown by Laurie King

career day is an important event in the school district. the principal set it up for the kids to explore more careers. but what turns out is a deadly disaster where people are hurt and secrets are kept. not sure about this book either.

The Child by Fiona Barton

I was drawn to this book because i loved the authors previous book, the widow. Kate 20170630_165408is a journalist that is determined to find out about the remains of a baby that is found in an old house. she discovers that the baby is related to a crime years ago about a newborn baby being stolen from a hospital never to be found. she starts to dig deeper into the story to find out exactly what happed to the Building site baby.



the forgotten girls by owen laukkanen

another book that i was drawn to because of the book cover. the information was very brief about this book other than it being about a girl that is a runaway that is forgotten and found murdered on the high line train route. two investigators decide to look into the case when they find out there are more murders connect to this girl. what drew me into this book was this caption “one of the best young thriller writers working today” by Richmond times dispatch. might as well pick it up.

have you read any of these books? do any of them interest you?


End of June flowers

Hello everyone! Hope your having an awesome end of june today. I can not wait for July 4, it is my favorite holiday.

I hope everyone had an exciting june, like I did. I really didn’t have a lot of events planned other than my sisters birthday. I bought her a gender bender soap and foot scrub off of posh. have you heard of posh? no? then check it out!! awesome brands of beauty products.

Here is a recap on my month of june:

Things I want to get done

  1. put together the shoe storage from ikea. this was on last months to do. I better get it done. ok, why is it so hard for me to get this done?!?!
  2. hang up pictures in my room yeah, I totally forgot about wanting to get this done…
  3. clean out frig. this really should get done sooner rather than later done and I posted about it 🙂 check it out. cleaned out the fridge
  4. clean up the mud room especially the white cabinet yep, haven’t done
  5. dust the kitchen i kinda did this.
  6. plant some flowers done and they look beautiful! check it out 🙂 flowers
  7. figure out the herb garden containers in the mud room i wll do this as soon as i clean the mud room….next month.
  8. go thru kids bedroom for garage sale items have not done
  9. go thru our bedroom for garage sale items have not done
  10. go thru basement and where ever else is left for garage sale items have not done
  11. buy book babe book for my book club completed!
  12. finish my local book club book read my review of before i go to sleep

Goals for June

  1. do dishes every night before bed i have been getting better at this. if i do not do the night before, i get done when i get home from work.
  2. do a load of laundry before I leave for work, come home and put away i have not been successful at this. i will admit the laundry has sat in my dining room for about a month, its clean not put away
  3. take a walk every night with the bf have not done. he has been working long hours and does not want to do it
  4. stick to a budge yeah…. not really
  5. have at least one date with the bf we have gone out together for dinner, breakfast. but have really not had a date.
  6. take my medicine every day i have been doing this. i did forget a day or two.

goals for my blog

  1. post every day i have been doing this if not every other day
  2. finish out the life as a nurse challenge I’m giving up on this challenge
  3. post some recipes i did it! look at all my posts! easy chicken dinner, guiltfree pesto chicken, chicken madeira, grilled pork, pesto Monday, Friday night dinner for one,
  4. post book reviews i read so many books this month it seems. The girl who was taken, made for us, before i go to sleep. ok, i only read three??!?
  5. read up on blogs that I haven’t had time to read on have been doing this nightly.

i feel like i did well considering that i am gaining in followers and putting out more blogs.

goals for my weight loss journey

  1. eat breakfast i have been doing my shake most mornings.
  2. track foods every day i’m tracking but i seem to not write anything down till Friday or sunday nights.
  3. track exercise every day i have been tracking on my phone and then writing down later in the week
  4. go to gym at least 5 days a week. if not before work, try to get in after work i have been doing this very well.
  5. eat healthy, no eating out all week not doing so well on this
  6. lose at least 5 more pounds i only lost one pound!
  7. create a weight loss motivation board in mud room by treadmill the mud room is not even clean….
  8. walk at least 1-3 miles every day walk about 1 mile every day
  9.  no pop for the most part i have not done any pop
  10. no cheating yeah i wish
  11. don’t let stress dictate how I eat or exercise yeah i wish

i feel like i did pretty well on my weight loss journey. i am on my third week of body pump at the gym. i only lost one pound when i went to see the doctor… but they say it is related to me gaining muscle. i wish i could see numbers drop.

books on my TBR shelf

  1. before I go to sleep s. j. Watson– this is for my book club completed. check it out!
  2. how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk adele faber- this is for the parenting book club that I am in- i was not able to get the book.
  3. killing kate alex lake- returned the book
  4. the next accident lisa gardner – still in my tbr stack
  5. alone lisa gardner -returned book
  6. my husbands wife jane corry – returned i could not get into this book
  7. heart of a killer daven rosenfelt – i returned, i tried reading but could not get into it.
  8. made for us Samantha chase – loved it!
  9. since she went away david bell – returned it
  10. most dangerous place james grippando – returned it
  11. the girl who was taken Charlie donlea – omgosh read it! now!
  12. under the knife Kelly parsons – returned it!

looks like i got to many books but barely read. shhhh….don’t tell my bf he will ban me from the library. especially since the kid and i went again today 🙂

i hope to get a lot more things done in july. maybe finally get that shoe drawer put together?

how did your june go, did you get everything done?

The girl who was taken by Charlie Donlea

Ever picked up a book and said “WTF??!?” you get to the end and say, “this can not be it!” and continue flipping pages to see if you forgot a page. this book is it, you must read The girl who was taken by Charlie Donlea


About the book (no spoilers in this section)

“Charlie Donlea, one of the most original new voices in suspense, returns with a haunting novel, laden with twists and high tension, about two abducted girls–one who returns, one who doesn’t– and the forensics expert searching for answers.”  (expert from book)

The Girl who was Taken, is a story told in past and present timelines. it is the story about Nicole and Megan, high school students that go to a party one night and disappear. one girl escapes, Megan, while Nicole is yet to be found.

To show that she is “back to the old Megan,” she writes a bestseller book retelling her story about being held captive and escaping. the book makes her a celebrity but she doesn’t feel like one. the old Megan is gone and Nicole is still missing.

Livia, Nicole’s older sister, is a fellow in forensic pathology who has hopes to analyze evidence from bodies to determine the death and bring closure to families. she is still not over her sister’s disappearance and knows one day she will be examining her body. Livia is brought a body one day of someone that is connected to Nicole’s life. connections and theories at passed around and Livia gets Megan’s help to find out what has happened to Nicole. more girls are going missing and Megan is the only connection that Livia has.

As the story and evidence is discovered, Megan starts having flashbacks of the night. how did she escape? who took her? what happened to Nicole??bookending2


My thoughts on the book (possible spoilers!)

OMG! This book was amazing. I love a good read and very rarely come across a book that i’m like wtf. but this one did it for me. it took me a while to get into The girl who was taken. I know that the story was just building, but I felt like it was a very slow start. the author was building up the story and the intensity. girlwhowastaken2

once I got past the point where I could not put the book down, I finished it in one day.

with any book you are trying to figure out who did it. there are so many leads and twists and turns that you can not figure out what is going on. the author throws  you multiple curve balls. I still am flabbergasted why those curve balls were thrown at us, but I guess I’ve never known.

there are other questions I have about reading the book. questions about details that I felt were introduced but never examined. i’m sure they were just placed in there to get you thinking and keep you on your toes, but still!

the ending, oh my gosh, the ending.  I can’t describe what I am feeling other than this:bookending1read the book. tell me what you think. I want to talk to someone about it so bad!




Choosing a child care -advice from a novice

have you had to find child care before? are you an expert or a novice like me?

childcare5due to some unseen events, the kid is coming back home early for the summer from his moms. YAY!!!!!!! we kinda knew that this would happen. since the bf is working full time during the day and i work full time, we need child care. to give you a little background information, my bf has always been a stay at home dad. i have (still do) make enough for us to live comfortably. it was not because he was lazy or not able to find work, we just found it easier for him to stay home. when his son left for the summer for Georgia, to stay with his mom, he decided he would get a job. the kid is getting older and it gives him something to do during the day.

my job is not very flexible when it comes to hours, but i do have set hours. i work Monday thru Friday, no weekends, no holidays. when school starts, i am able to get him ready for school. but we both are not able to be home around 3 pm when he is out of school. cue dilemma!! bf hours are not very flexible as well. he usually has to be at work from 730 to 6 at night. he is not able to help with after school but he is able to help the kid get ready for in the morning before school.

looking into child care i found out is a difficult process. i didn’t know where to begin! do i go with a parent that is local, school program, local child care facility, relative?!? the options are endless and started to give me a headache.

i’m sure that i am not the only one that has had this issue. if you are not to that point yet, please feel free to learn from my advice. if you have any advice, feel free to let me know!


  • reliable and trustworthy- they are watching our son. we want them to be reliable because we both can’t just stop working. plus, gotta know you are gonna take care of our kid just like your own.
  • fit out schedule- Monday thru Friday. after school care, 3 pm to 6ish. childcare1
  • affordable- nothing to expensive, nothing to cheap
  • help with hw- doing hw after school i feel is the best time to do it. not 3-4 hours later. someone that can help with hw as well as make sure that it gets done.
  • rule setter and follows through- we want someone that knows that if a rule is in place and it is broken that it is followed thru with. no push overs.
  • activities- i hate when kids sit in front of the tv or tablet for hours. why?!?! go play with toys, read, play outside, move.


  • cleanliness. look around the house or place that you are going to. see if people are all standing because the floors are dirty. are the tables, floors, etc clean? is it smelly from old food, dirty diapers, or even cigarette smoke?
  • cost. you want affordable but not so cheap your asking yourself why? but not so expensive your looking at the place like they better be serving sushi for lunch for this price! find out what is covered in the cost. snacks, activities, etc.
  • experience. if you are doing in home care or even in a facility, find out how long the caregivers have been doing it. if they are teenagers, take that into consideration. do you want someone experienced or not?
  • childcare2parenting policy. ask what they expect from your child. talk about discipline, time outs, snacks, nap time, tv, activities, homework. you don’t want to send your child some where that they can get away with things and then come home and try to do it there when you know that it isn’t acceptable.
  • back up care. if at home care, if the caregiver is sick how soon of a notice do you get? if facility, do they ever close down? if a child is sick, what are symptoms that prevent them from attending?
  • take a tour/meet and greet. meet the home care individual. see their house, children, areas where the child is going to play. see if it is something that you are comfortable with your child spending his/her time. tour the facility. find out what activities are offered. is it engaging? what are the age groups? do younger mix with older children?
  • word of mouth. do you research of the facility or home caregiver. talk to other parents, get their input. put feelers out in the community. look online at reviews. go on facebook, i know this sounds strange but when i was looking into home caregivers, i learned a lot from a potential parent by the facebook.
  • communication. can you get along with the caregiver? if there is a problem, how is it going to be solved. you don’t want a place/person that is not going to give you updates about your child or tell you about a problem but not address it.
  • trust your gut. this is my policy no matter what. if i have any doubts in my mind, i follow thru. i don’t want to be going “what if?”


  • Hours. home care can sometimes be a little more flexible. they might work with you in case something happens at work and you are late getting off work. facilities usually have set hours.
  • Cost. from doing my research, facilities are more expensive then home care, but not by much around here. my gym offers 4-5 days a week for $40 after school care. this included a snack, activities, free hw help. one of the caregivers I looked into for the same price was just basically a seat at a table. one place i looked into was $37 a day! for 3 hours after school. that is insane!
  • blending of ages. home care everyone seems to be together. most of the time in the home you can only have about 4-6 children depending on age to one adult. i had one caregiver have age ranges from 1 to 11. facilities have all age groups but they do break off into different groups to interact.
  • at home is exactly that in a home. it is usually with one caregiver taking care of your child every day. its homey. in a facility you might have multiple staff members. they might be at school all day or even in a gym, cafeteria, etc.


  • make a list. my bf and i, basically sat down and thought about what we wanted.
  • no compromise. don’t just go with someone that is cheap because it is cheap. go with what you think is the best.
  • cost. it is a big factor. think about what you can afford and if you are willing to pay the price. child care is expensive. my research showed, younger children are more expensive to take care of.
  • take the tours. more than once. get a feel for the place. spy, just drop by to get some information but take a look around. see how the staff/caregiver is interacting with the child. communicate with people and find out what is happening.

optimally, it is the best fit for the child and parent. you want a place that your child is childcare3able to grow, be supported, love, opportunities for growth and challenges with activities. the last three days i have learned so much about child care. i have researched and talked to so many people about what they do. i make connections with others to find child care. i learned that not always cheap is the way to go. for example, i looked into a woman that charges $2 a hour. after reading information on facebook and asking around, that $2 a hour feeds her drug addiction. crazy!


we have decided to go with a local facility. my gym after school care Monday thru Friday. for 4-5 days a week, which is full time, it is $40. they also cover school delays and cancellations. he would be joining other kids his age. they have a “set” schedule of an activity after school to work off the energy from sitting in a desk all day, snack, homework, and then “play time.” play time can be anything from reading, playing in the gym, swimming, playing wii, etc. they keep them busy but also with supervision. i talked to many of the staff members getting information about what their policy is with discipline. they actually set up a contract with the parent, kid, and staff. in this contract, you talk about what you expect from the child during hw time. if you want them to complete everything or what kind of help. what activities are acceptable as well as what behaviors are appropriate and how they are dealt with.childcare4

we did look into many different home caregivers. a lot of them. they were interesting. some had a wide range of age groups. some provided no snacks, activities, or hw help but charged a large amount. people smoke in the home. no reliable care. just researching people was a challenge.

family members were also considered. bf mom lives close by and offered to watch kid after school. it is not like we have a problem with her… well the bf doesn’t. i do. from experience i knew it is not the best idea. we know that making sure hw is completed the right way would be a challenge. appropriate snacks after school has always been an issue. i get off work at 5ish and i didn’t want to have to spend every night at her house eating dinner because she started cooking dinner. also, grandmas sometimes are not always rule followers. i’m sure it’s in their handbook somewhere but still, follow the rules!

we did decide to let bf mom help us out for the rest of the summer. she will be watching him during the week while we both work. my mom will also be helping to watch, most likely Tuesday to Wednesday due to her living about 40 minutes away.

did you enjoy this post? i know it was long to read but are you more prepared for when you need to choose a child care place? do you have more advice for me?



Adventures of a curvy girl- 02 what is in my GYM BAG



on my adventure to becoming fit, i have learned some things. i have learned that if you don’t pack the right things in your gym bag, it can either make or break your work out.

i want to work out and not worry about not having my headphones, lock, extra socks, deodorant, etc. i’m sure there are other people out there that i want to accomplish the same thing, so here is my tips of packing your GYM BAG.

I’m sure there are other things that i did not name, feel free to let me know what you pack that i don’t. maybe i forgot it and it would help me out!

first off, pick your bag. weather it is small or big, just make sure it is large enough to 20170625_125346 - Copy (2)carry everything you need in my trip. the worst thing I think is going to the gym and carrying more than one bag. for mine, I have a thirty one bag that I received for an xmas gift last year. I also have a vera Bradley little bag that I use to store other essentials.

second, pack an extra pair of clothes. usually I bring 20170625_125746 - Copy (2)an extra pair of clothes for after working out to freshen up. this helps if you are going somewhere after the gym and don’t want to go home to change. always pack an extra pair of socks, underwear, and bra. never know when you need a fresh pair of these after or even during the gym. also, don’t forget shoes or flipflops in my case afterwards. don’t forget your workout shoes!20170625_125846

third, work out clothes. sometimes I go after work and don’t have my workout clothes on. workout clothes are typically shorts, tank top, sports bra, socks, and shoes. I also pack an extra towel in case the gym doesn’t have any that I can use, they usually do.




fourth, water bottle for hydration. it is important to stay hydrated when you are working out. i have some kind of bottle with me at all times. my shaker bottle is my go to bottle when working out because i can do my shake before or after a workout.



fifth, essentials. it is never fun when you are working out and discover that you have no deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, or shampoo. 20170625_125157 - Copyin my essentials bag,  i pack perfume, toothbrush and paste, mouthwash, hair tie, hair brush, inhaler for my asthma, and feminine products.






sixth, in a separate plastic baggy I have a bath poff, face wash, shampoo. packed into my essential bag, if i have room, but usually in the bottom of my gym bag is pimple cream, feminine spray, body wash,  and deodorant spray. 20170625_125256 - Copy






seventh, the most important thing other than fresh underwear and deodorant when you 20170625_125449-copy-2.jpggo the gym is your lock and a pair of headphones. make sure you pack an extra pair of headphones in case you lose your pair. I’ve done it, not happy.

eighth, phone. don’t forget your phone. it is a way to play music, even watch tv, listen to a book, track your exercise. some people have used a phone case work out band that attaches to the arm when working out. i like these but i feel that they are so uncomfortable.

it sounds like a lot in your gym bag, i know. but i feel like in my short amount of adventures with working out, my gym bag items either made my workout or prevented me from getting what i wanted done.

pack your bag the night before, especially if you are working out in the morning before work. i have a class that i take at 5 am. i have to get up and leave the house around 430 am. 4:30 AM! crazy, but it sets my workout day. packing my bag the night before lets me know that i have everything with me and all i have to do is run out the door.

wash your gym clothes regularly. after you work out, clothes go back in the gym bag. wash them daily. take out of the bag daily. wash your bag at least once a week, more if it stinks. no one enjoys smelly clothes or worse a smelly bag with clean clothes.

are you ready to pack your gym bag? is there anything that you pack that i don’t? please, let me know!

when writing this post i was searching google images for gym bags. i found some awesome ones that they have out there that i would love to share with you. some of these have awesome says on them. enjoy!



easy chicken dinner Monday 

hi y’all. it’s been one of those Monday’s. everything is off. I was off at work, missing up names and saying the wrong thing. the weather is messed up, it’s june and only 70 outside! 

after getting off work I really didn’t want to cook. Monday’s are a late day for bf and I knew the easy thing would be to go out. I didn’t want to spend money or eat out and over eat, so I did simple. 

chicken, rice, and broccoli. 

I marinated the chicken with this mix from Wal-Mart. it’s about .75 cents. you mix in olive oil, white wine vinegar, and water. marinate for about 30 minutes 

to make dinner even simpler, I did cilantro rice in the rice cooker. 

even MORE simpler was putting a bag of steamable broccoli in the microwave. 

yes, I’m lazy. but after a long day I didn’t want to slave over a stove. 

here is the chicken on the grill 

guilt free pesto chicken spaghetti squash “lasagna” wow that is a mouthful!

do you love recipes that are filling, taste delicious, and are healthy for you? then you should try this recipe of guilt free pesto chicken spaghetti squash that I made tonight.


  • chicken breasts, enough to feed your family. I did 3 but they were small. cut into cubes
  • pesto sauce
  • spaghetti squash
  • mozzarella cheese or a cheese you prefer
  • ricotta cheese
  • Italian seasoning
  • one egg
  • mushrooms (optional)
  • onions (optional)
  • salt, pepper to taste


  • prepare your spaghetti squash. what I have found is best is to take your squash and poke holes down the center and put into the microwave for about 5 minutes. depending on how big and thick you might have to do more time.
  • cut your squash open, scrap out all the seeds and gunk. sprinkle with olive oil and Italian seasoning.
  • put into the oven until it is soft enough you can poke a fork thru it. about 20-30 minutes.
  • when ready, use a fork to make into spaghetti
  • cook your chicken breasts that you have cut up into cubes. i added onions to mine. once cooked mixed with pesto sauce. use as much or as little as you want depending on your taste preference.
  • make your ricotta filling, about 1 cup of ricotta. you can use more depending on if you have larger family dish to make or large amount of spaghetti squash.
  • mix one egg, Italian dressing, and ricotta together until smooth
  • build your “lasagna”! put the spaghetti squash in the bottom. don’t forget to spray your pan!
  • next spread your ricotta layer. if you want to change up the layers go right 
  • pesto chicken mix
  • mushrooms. original recipe i was thinking for tonight did not have mushrooms in it. but when i went to the store and saw these for only 1.99, i knew i needed to have them. put as many or as few as you want on the top. you don’t even have to put them on the top, you can mix into your pesto chicken mix or the ricotta or even the squash. make it your own, it’s guilt free remember 🙂 As you can see, i added a lot because well who doesn’t like mushrooms?!?!?
  • top with mozzarella cheese. at first i planned for sprinkle cheese…until i saw i had mozzarella slices.
  • cover with alumina foil and place into the oven for about 20 minutes or until cheese is melted and boiling.
  • uncover and cook for about 10-15 more minutes until nicely browned.
  • EAT!
  • serve with slice of bread or a nice salad


library haul 01

hey everyone! I’m not sure if you love reading as much as me, but I love it. I would rather read then watch tv any day. 

I have decided to show you my library hauls of books. I usually go to the library ones a week. ok…sometimes twice. I also get way to many books. 

I will show you the books and give you a brief insite. do you have a blog that you do this? if so, tag me! I love reading about new books! 

What my body remembers by agnete friis.  a mother decides to kidnap her son from the state after she is placed in a psych ward. she returns back to her grandmother’s house and the place where her mother died. she starts to remember things about the night her mother died and questions what really happens. 

the butterfly garden by for hutchison. this book has been on my tbr list forever! In a garden by a mansion is a garden with precious butterflies. these butterflies are young women that have been captured and tattooed who they are named after. the garden is discovered and a survivor starts to speak out about what really happens in the butterfly garden. 

the people we hate at the wedding by grant ginder. I was drawn to this book for the title. i thought it was funny. the story follows a family that is going to their half sisters wedding and everyone hates it. a less than perfect family and how we hate the ones we love the most. 

the fall of Lisa bellow by Susan perabo. a gunman enters a shop and Meredith is pushed to the floor with Lisa, a girl she hates from school. Meredith makes it out but Lisa does not and she is looking for a way to get to her. 

the next accident. by Lisa gardner. this is the third in the series of Quincy and rainie. Quincy hires rainie to look into the death of his daughter. 

two lost boys by l.f. Robertson. a story about the guilty and innocent. Janet is a death row appeals attorney. she looks into the sentence of Andy, who is sentences to death while his brother gets a life sentence when they rape and murder two women. Janet looks into why one gets death and the other life. 

the last original wife by dorothea Benton frank. a tale of family, friendship, self discovery, and love between Les and Wes. Les is the last original wife of Wes. all his friends have traded in their original wives for new improved wives. she gets fed up and decides to take back her life. 

first grave on the right by darynda Jones. charley is a grim reaper and private investigator. her job is to help those go to the light. but some died because of murder and she helps them figure out what happened to them. 

heart of a killer by David rosenfelt. Jaime is a lawyer that takes on the case of Sheryl who is convicted of killing her husband. she comes to Jaime asking for her right to die, for her daughter who needs a new heart. 

it is quite a bit of books, I know. so many good ones I think. after doing this post, I get excited just to think about reading them!! 

are you interested in any of them? have you read any of them? 

week before the holiday to do!

good morning everyone! well, I guess it is afternoon since I’m writing this during lunch. 

what is everyone up to this week? 

I feel like this week I really don’t have much to do but I really should be doing something. 

weight to do

  • work out for body pump Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
  • work out on Tuesday and Thursday 
  • Tuesday weight appointment 

house to do

  • clean mud room and get everything ready for garage sale
  • laundry and put away dammit!
  • clean animal cages
  • meal plan for the week
  • wash bedsheets
  • sweep and mop floors
  • go thru closet for garage sale items as well as kids closet 

blog goals

  • post every day!

sorry I don’t have a longer post but I’m doing this on my lunch break in between bites of food. 

Weekend review

good afternoon everyone! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunday. it is a little chilly here today in the Midwest. well… it’s only about 74 but the wind is picking up so it feels like 60ish. I have the windows open and enjoying the breeze. it is about 3 pm here and I feel like I have accomplished a lot this week.

how has your weekend been? do anything exciting or clean like me?!?


MAN– Saturday feels so long ago and it was only yesterday. I’m trying to remember everything that I did but I can’t remember, lol.

bf had to be at work by 730. I actually slept thru the alarm but was instantly awake once I heard his car leave. why? I have no idea. does that ever happen to you?

I ended up getting up and going downstairs to read and watch tv. I am reading a new book, The Girl Left Behind. very good thriller. look for it coming up this week for a book review. took a break from reading and got sucked into the series Little People, Big world on TLC. have you heard of it? I have not watched it in a very long time. I remember when the kids were in school and living with parents. now they are married, having kids, and the parents are divorced. it is an interesting show. reminds me that I want to look for when the new season premieres.

of course, watching tv, lead to a nap. lol. I didn’t want to nap but I was soooo tired. who knows why, I went to bed at 10ish. maybe because I am getting up at 430 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. any who, the dog and I slept till about 12ish. I got up and around. went to the gym, Walmart, and then home. oh wait, I did make an Impromptu stop at the nail salon. I got my nails and toes done. I was only going to go in there for my nails but ended up getting a pedicure as well. my feet needed it.

I also bought an outfit at Walmart for Tuesday. I’m not sure why I am dressing up… but it is nice to buy some new clothes. i bought a white tank top and a white and black skirt. also got a new pair of sandals. now I am not a skirt kind of person. I don’t like them but I have been eyeing them at the store lately. I am losing weight and kinda wanted to reward myself. I also bought animal bedding, garage sale stickers, cat litter and a new litter box, and chicken for dinner.

it was around 515 pm that I was finally finished. 5:15!! I texted bf to see when he would get off work. I had to get home and start marinating the chicken for dinner tonight. I was driving home and passed the bf brothers house and he was there catching up. that gave me time to get home and get the chicken going. I was in the clear!

I ended up cleaning the animal cages while he took a shower. we then went to the grocery store to get beef broth, ice, pop, salad, ice cream, and laundry soap.

he helped me cook dinner. he doesn’t really like balsamic vinegar, but I was hoping that the recipe would change his mind. he liked it he said but I could tell that he didn’t love it. check out the recipe for Chicken Madiera.

by the time dinner was done and we had finished eating, it was getting late. we ended up going to bed around 10ish.


bf woke me up around 630 this morning to go get breakfast. I didn’t really want to because of my diet, but decided it would be a nice way to spend the morning with him before he went to work.

we went to a little hometown breakfast house. it is called the breakfast house, lol. the food is awesome and the people even better.

he left for work and I decided to get some things done. I started with the kitchen. I cleaned out the refrigerator and organized it. I then moved on to the kitchen cupboards. I went thru everything and got rid of anything that we do not use. put a price sticker on it for the garage sale and got it out of there!

I feel embarrassed showing you pictures of my fridge because it was horrible, but the finished product is so pretty.

the kitchen being cleaned I started to lose my motivation for cleaning. it was about 1 pm and I wanted to go to the gym today. my back was hurting from cleaning and was hoping that didn’t make a difference.

at the gym I did 32 minutes on the treadmill, that equals out to 1 mile. went on to strength training and completed arm curls, dual axis overhead press, seat leg press, leg extension, hip abduction, and ab crunches. I was going to get back on the treadmill but my back was hurting quite a bit.

when I got home, I decided to blog. I also let milo outside because he has to pee sometimes too! I watered the plants.

it is now about 4 pm and the bf gets off work by 5. I am going to sweep the floors, clean the bathroom and then read outside till he gets home.

he is cooking dinner tonight. I bought thick pork chops, salad, and asparagus. deciding if I am also going to do mini potatoes. not sure yet if I am going to do a post on dinner yet or not.

before bed, I need to make sure that out lunches are packed as well as work and gym bag are done.

I plan on just reading for the rest of the night. maybe watch some tv. nothing much. it is a sunday after all, good day to be lazy.

weekend updated to-do list

  • laundry. this is a never ending thing. wash everything and put away, not just fold and leave in basket. I have washed everything. it is still in the dryer and the clothes are still in the baskets….in the dining room.
  • dishes DONE. will go put the rest of them away that have dried.
  • clean animal cages completed on Saturday. they are so much happier.
  • throw away herbs and vegetables in window haven’t done this yet.
  • water plants did on Saturday and sunday. nothing is dying!
  • take books to library done
  • work out both Saturday and Sunday done!done!done!
  • clean fridge and freezer. really clean it. soap and all. yes, I did this!!!
  • organize fridge and freezer. go to dollar store and pick up containers
  • go thru cabinets in kitchen and get things out for garage sale organized but did not go to store to get containers, I used what I had already in the house
  • make sure buy garage sale stickersbought three packages
  • clean bathroom going to do that here soon
  • sweep floors gonna do that next
  • wash floors gonna do that next
  • bullet journal for this week crap I forgot to do this. prob after dinner
  • pay gas bill paid on Saturday
  • plan dinners for the week will do this while I do my bullet journal
  • read have been doing!
  • blog yeppers!
  • open windows and air out house I love having the windows open..
  • go thru things in mud room for garage sale I did the kitchen!
  • figure out where going to put shelf yeah…no.

what are you up to? did you accomplish everything on your to-do list?