it is that kind of day

Tuesday. We woke up dreading today. We took our showers, watched tv, and tried to make light conversation. The kid left today with his mom for two weeks. I’m not sure who paced more… my bf or I? Our anxiety went from minimal to heighten in a couple of hours. We had talked in the last couple of days about our fears with him leaving. We also discussed things that we were going to do when he is away. We weren’t talking about these activities like “now that I have time.” I think it was a more, “we need to keep busy so we don’t think about how much we are missing him.” We talked, we planned. As soon as he left, we looked at each other wanting to know, what do we do??!?

To help with my growing anxiety, I walked to the library. I walked among the shelves looking at books. I did not pick anything out. I guess I just couldn’t concentrate. I know that if you have been reading my blogs you are prob like, get over it. stop talking about your anxiety. i’m sorry. this is who I am. plus I ramble and you were warned in my about section that I ramble.

after returning home, the bf and his friend were catching up. a friend of his that both of us avoided for about 3 years. his ex girlfriend did not like us very much. she turned him into the friend that we did not recognize. while they went to help a friend move, I decided to work on my bullet journal. I completed this weeks layout. i decided to go with the theme of sunflowers for june. my plan today was to do the whole month layout, but I really was only able to focus on one week. my plan tomorrow is to sit down and plan out my exercise routine. I need to get back to being healthy!! junejournal

I did accomplish some other things today. I did do dishes. 🙂

I also gave lots of love to my dog, milo. he was in a mood today. he wanted lots of lovings. here are some pictures of him. isn’t he adorable?!?!?


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