goodbye May!

Wow, I can not believe that May is over. It has gone by so fast! This month was a very busy month. We were busy almost every weekend, went to many activities, wrote some awesome blogs, accomplished some goals and ignored some others things.



  • eat breakfast every day- I did ok with this for about 3 weeks. the last week of may, I did not eat breakfast. well.. I did have mcdonalds, which is not healthy.
  • meet my calorie intake- accomplished this on the first 3 weeks, last week…. I’m pretty sure I was doubling my calorie intake. I stress eat, ok!
  • do couch to 5k every day- yeah… I got to running for 5 minutes and I could not do any more. these goals are depressing.
  • walk 1 to 3 miles a day- I did walk. I didn’t walk 1-3 miles every day, but I did meet this goal about 75% of the week
  • get at least 10,000 steps a day- some days
  • no pop- till about week 3, man I’m bad.
  • no cheating- again… week 3 and 4 I was bad. very, very, very, bad.
  • eat my lunch I packed, not lunch at work- i’m sensing a theme of week 3 and 4??!?
  • record steps and meals every day –i’m not even going to answer this.
  • work out every day before and after work- really?!?!? mouth is shut.


  • putting together my shoe drawers that I bought from Ikea. I have had it for over 2 months– yeah, so the show drawers are still in my mud room, not put together.
  • hang up pictures in my bedroom- nope, they are put away in the closet.
  • clean out bathroom drawers- did not do!
  • clean up the yard- completed! yes, finally I did something!
  • figure out what going to do with herb garden. my bf over loved them..grow again? still trying to figure out what I want to do with them. yes, they are still sitting in the window. dead.
  • buy some flowers and plant them- did not do. i’m broke right now.
  • stay true to my health goals- NOPE
  • go to Zumba as planned- NOPE
  • take all medication every day- yeah!!! score!
  • get up every day early enough to work out-…..
  • clean up mud room white cabinet – i’m a failure with goals!


  • Zookeeper’s Wife. this is for my book club– I started it… did not finish it.
  • the doll’s house by m.j. arlidge- started the audio and had to return it. just recently started it again.
  • the fifth letter by Nicola moriarty- finished and loved! did a blog on it! The fifth letter
  • the job by Janet evanovich- found out I already read this book?!?
  • never let you go by Chevy Stevens- awesome book! read it! also did a review on it. Never let you go
  • the arrangement by Sarah Dunn- returned it. didn’t even start it.
  • the third victim by Lisa Gardner- omgosh! I love her series. I was thinking of doing a review of the book but it is a series…
  • it takes one by Kate Kessler- started it, could not keep my attention.


  • post every day- I did ok… not the best. I did go a couple days without blogging. I felt like I lost my mojo.
  • do some sort of challenge. either a picture challenge, writing challenge, some a to z challenge. I started the a to z challenge for life as a nurse. check them out, life as a nurse I have not been doing one every day. I also have been participating in nominations for posts that someone states everyone is nominated. I have yet to be nominated directly.
  • post the books I have completed for my pop sugar reading challenge- done! whoop, whoop! does a happy dance in my chair! 2017 reading challenge


  • don’t fight or get upset about the small stuff. for example when laundry or dishes aren’t done when I get home. I would love to say I have been working on this. well, I have been working on this. I think we both have had so much anxiety with his son leaving for 2 months that we are taking out our feelings on each other.
  • try not to stress over and cause more anxiety for myself and fights about my bf mother- I tried. I really did. we did go out with them one night and we even went to her house multiple times. I still had a lot of stress.
  • have at least one date night- we did not get to do this. we did have a date night but not just by ourselves.

Well…. May wasn’t exactly what I had planned. I did not accomplish as much as I wanted for my to do list, health, blog, or relationship with bf. I did however seem to complete the most in reading. yay! LOLgoodbyemay

May was exciting. we did a lot of fun things. baseball game, night out with family, crafts, started a challenge and of course read. i’m not sure where I fell off my goals for healthy eating/exercising or my blogging. I am hoping june Is better.




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