book reviews

the good neighbor 

we all love to blog right? of course! that is why we have our blogs, duh. do you tell the truth on your blog or do you make things up to seem extraordinary, make money, or just be happy? 

in the book, Izzy is able to escape from her life thru her blog. she is able to create her perfect man, her “mac.” she needs to find something to do with her time, especially after her son goes to bed. she is newly divorced, moved back to her hometown, and now her ex husband is bringing around a girlfriend. 

her blog becomes successful. she is a forty year old divorcee, in the dating scene and dating the perfect guy. everyone wants to be Izzy and get advice from her. her and “mac” become a blogging sensation. 

lying comes with consequences and with Izzy next door neighbor she sees that all truths do come out in the end. 

Will Izzy tell her friends the truth about “mac”? does she want to give up her success? 

the good neighbor was a “good” read. I was expecting a little more from this book. I’m not sure why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I think it was her writing style. almost like it was lacking some detail or writing mojo. even tho I found the writing hard to read, I still read the book. I would recommend it all to my fellow bloggers to read it. let me know what you think! 


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