Sunday sausage dinner throw together 

throwing dinner together every night is becoming a habit of mine. I haven’t really planned a dinner in a long time. I just take something out of the freeze, today sausage, and hope that a meal comes together. 

I envy those that can throw together a quick and easy meal. if I do not plan things, going out to eat or just eating whatever becomes a habit. eating out is fun and all but not fun on my wallet. the boys wanted pizza or chinese.. I told them to suck it up and eat what I make lol.

basically tonight was a sausage sheet pan meal. I cut up onions and peppers. arranged them on the sheet with the sausage, seasoned and sprayed to prevent sticking. I made sure that I flipped them a couple times. 

I served it with broccoli and cheese. mac and cheese. yes, I know double cheese but the kid wanted it.

the bf finished plate. 


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