Saturday family day at the zoo!

I have been anxious all week. I’m not eating right, barely sleeping, and not exercising. I’m worried about the kid leaving with his mother. well she decided that instead of Saturday she has to wait till tuesday..big surprise right ? after telling the kid no your mom isn’t coming… yes I know she broke a promise… why don’t we go to the zoo!! we thought it would get his mind off everything plus who doesn’t enjoy the zoo?!?!?

it was very fun. the day was perfect, 74. barely any sun, mostly cloudy. we have had so much rain in the past couple of days that it is humid and we have floods like crazy.   the zoo was packed but we were able to get to see everything. they opened up a new area, the Australian adventure. I was kinda disappointed. I was expecting more since they had it closed for about 2 years. 

here are some pictures! I know they aren’t the best but the animals didn’t exactly pose for me. 🙂 


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