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Campfire meal

After the day spent at the zoo and the perfect weather, we figured we would have a fire. What is better on a fire than smores?? hobo dinners! do you know what a hobo dinner is? really it is anything you can find, wrap in foil, and place on fire. The typically hobo dinner is hamburger, potatoes, onions, mushrooms. I have seen variations that are cooked with chicken, steak, or even just vegetables. They are delicious! I always enjoyed having hobos when I was growing up. We would put our order in with my dad, he would cut everything up and then sit around the fire waiting for them to cook. After I was writing this blog, I wanted to know why they call them hobo dinners?!?

We decided to do hamburger patties (made by the bf), sliced potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes (on mine only).


First you slice up your potatoes. You can make them as thin or thick as you want. Just remember the thicker, the longer then take to cook. You can do these in straight foil, but I used tin cooking pans, that I sprayed with cooking spray. I figured since we were eating outside, these would be easier to eat out of.


Cut up your onions and mushrooms. I didn’t get a picture of the mushrooms due to my camera having limited space and I had to make quick decisions! Plus my mushrooms were already cut up, haha!DSCN0018

Make your burgers how ever you please. I wish I could tell you what is in ours but the bf made them and said its top secret. whatever! Put your burger on top of potatoes and add your onions. You could always put your burger on the bottom but I like the potatoes cooking in the juice from the burger.


Add your mushrooms!DSCN0020

All four meals are made! Add seasonings as you wish. We did salt, pepper, Worchester sauce. Some people add more butter, I did not. The cooking spray and the fat from the burger would be enough to keep everything juicy and not sticking.

DSCN0021I added tomatoes to mine. The boys did not want them. Meaning more for me!!! I then wrapped them up.

We also did corn on the cob but I did not get a picture of them.


Place on the fire. It really all depends on how hot the fire for your cooking time. We had a decent fire so it took about an hour. We rotated them about half way thru. I did not get a finished picture project (sorry!). The sun was going down and my camera has no memory left and.. yeah excuses. Lol. Let’s just say no one talked while we ate because it was so good!

Have you made hobo dinners before? What do you put in them?



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