nail yarn art

today we had another library craft, nail yarn art. I’m sure if you are on Pinterest or ever been a craft store you have seen these projects. it is very easy. just a board, hammer, nails, yarn, and a design!

My sister and I went together again today. she actually prepared by looking up designs she wanted to do. then forget them at home lol 

I decided to do a dandelion. I saw something on Pinterest with the saying ” some see weeds and some see wishes”

I started off by doing a rough sketch on my board of what I wanted the dandelion to look like. then the annoying and loud part came, nailing an outline on the design. 

next I started with the yarn. I don’t know if there is a wrong or right way with putting the yarn on. I’m sure if you wanted it to look more neat you would develop a design. I kinda just did it roughly. 

even though it is not perfect, I like it. 

finished product! isn’t it cute?!?

here is my sister’s design.


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