life as a nurse challenge

life as a nurse – I

there is a lot of terms that I could talk about with the letter “I” for this post of life as a nurse. if you are not already following or reading my other posts, look at the other ones I have done already regarding life as a nurse. let me know what you think!

what i wanted to do a little differently with the letter I, is tslk about the image of the nurse. everyone sees on tv how a nurse is portrayed. in grey’ s anatomy you barely even see a nurse, like they don’t exist in a hospital that is run only my doctors? 

in code black, Chicago med, the night shift they are seen differently as well. they seem to be the ones that call the shots in the hospital. 

the image of nurses has changed drastically over the years. In the year when Florence nightingale was around, it was the angel of mercy. you were respectful, pure, thoughtful, and diligent. you were inferior to a doctor. 

then the image changed over the years. you had images of the nurses in soap operas and t.v. shows where they barely wore any clothes, red lipstick, and dumb. why are we portrayed like this? 

I did a little research and found out that in 2001, the center for nursing advocacy wanted to raise the issue of the nursing shortage. they took charge of this problem by having campaigns that went after shows and producers, including house,ER, and the coors ‘naughty nurse.’ they wanted it to be known that nurses are really not like that and wanted to show them in a more positive light.

why are we not seen in a more positive light? nurses are rate as the most respected and ethical job in the top 10 for the past 5 years. 

does it have something to do with what we wear? some seem to think so. they fight that nurses are taken seriously when they have scrubs that have cartoon characters all over their shirt. 

another thing that pops up when you talk about the image of a nurse is a woman. predominantly, the nursing work force is women. yes, there are male nurses. you don’t see it a lot but as changes are coming in healthcare, more men are joining the workforce. 

the image of nurses doesn’t just occur in the workplace. you have to be professional outside as well. I work in small town. I see a lot of patients on a daily basis out and about. I can’t wear something in appropriate or act rude in public. I have to be professional, respectful, honest, and caring even outside of work. yes, we all like to have a good time. I’m just careful if we go out to a bar or public place that has drinking or even when I’m at the lake. I just try to make sure that nothing  can come back to me at work. some tell me, why pick a profession that you have to be careful all the time? I just tell them, I am already all those things in real life, I’m just making sure my patients continue to see that so they can trust me. I am the go between for their doctor. I want them to understand and trust that.

the whole point that I am trying to make about the image of a nurse is that we are more then just the skimpy nursing uniform. 


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