life as a nurse challenge

Life as a nurse– H

hWow, I am already on the letter H. I never thought that I was going to be able to get this far. I figured I would not have enough words and that the blog would start to diminish. yes, I did kinda forget to post for about a week. but I have a lot of reasons for that. not good ones really, since I said I was going to post no matter what and take advantage of scheduled posts.

life as a nurse has its advantages and disadvantages. advantages are you develop a sense of humor. you have to! you have to have a way to deal with the stress. plus, nurses kind have a sick sense of humor. yes… we prob sound like we are making fun of patients. its not that we mean to but its our way to deal with the stress. working in the ICU, you learn how to curse. in a doctors office, you learn how to make fun of yourself with stupid mistakes.

disadvantages? if you have been reading my series and might think that I am complaining about the long hours or patients. i’m not. I love what I do. I love that I do not have to work holidays any more. my heart is in this profession. not many nurses can say that. they get into the profession, get burned out, and become mean, uncaring. but one of the biggest disadvantages that I have encountered? being sick when you are at work. I know it doesn’t sound that bad, but it is hard. you don’t want your food being served toshiftending you by a sick employee at a drive though. so why would you want a sick nurse taking care of you in the hospital/office? it is also hard to be sick in this field because you have a huge amount of people that know symptoms of what is contiguous and what is not. they know if you really can come to work or not. to this day, I remember calling in for hand foot mouth disease. yes, it is real. yes, it is rare for adults. yes, I did get it. how? I think my nephew or the tons of kids I saw. I had blisters, a fever, and developed pneumonia on top of it. I was sick. my health took a turn. I was not able to do my job of taking care of my patients.

I felt like that paragraph took many different turns. lol. sorry about that. I wish I could tell you many stories about being a nurse. I have tons. I can tell you about somethings, but some stories have to remain secret due to HIPAA. I never tell you names, dates, or places. you do not know where I work and i’m not sure if I have even mention my name or where I live, other than a northeastern state. I would love to share some more things about myself with you but I need to keep some things private.

Life as a nurse. H. somethings that start with the letter H:

HTN (hypertension) A very big complaint in a patients health history

Health history– surgeries, diseases, family history. everything that you ask a patient to better understand them and how to care for them.

HIV– it’s real. it’s scary.

Herpes– safe sex people. get our shingles shots!

hiccups– yes, having hiccups is a problem and there is a medication to help with it.

herbal– weather it is herbal medications that you get at a drug store, vitamins, or health food store. or herbal as in marijuana.

hygiene– it is not hard to wash your face or at least brush your teeth, change your clothes, or brush your hair before you come into the doctors office!

hospice– a difficult talk with patients and families.

hangover– no not me. well, I do get hangovers lol. the day after holidays biggest complaints we get calls about? hangovers.

there are tons of other terms with the letter H for life as a nurse. I had a hard time writing this post tonight. I’m not sure why. hopefully, it makes sense. if not, sorry!



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