fidget spinners

it seems like every year or even ever month they have a new toy. something that needs to be bought by everyone. 

introducing…fidget spinners. 

they are toys to help those focus on a task at hand. unfortunately I think it just distracts me more. I don’t pay attention to anything but the spinner. 

they come in all different styles and colors. 

some are three legs or two legs. 

you can get them pretty cheap, about $5 at the store or as less at .50 online. 

even though they seem to be the in toy right now… they are driving me crazy. at the field trip on Friday, all I heard the whole time is how everyone wanted to go to the gift shop to buy a spinner. didn’t hear anything about the trip, just the fidget spinners. I found out from one of the teachers that she hates them. she actually has a nice collection of them at school from the kids. 

they bother me because they are constantly out and about when you want your kid to be paying attention. I made the mistake of letting him take it when we went for our walk for relay for life. I saw it come out a couple times when walking and told him to put it away or I’ll throw it away. drastic I know since I’m the one that bought it lol. 

have any of you seen these? any stories of annoyance? do you like them? 

I would like to know why they are so cool? i tried it out and I don’t think it helped me concentrate any better. I wasn’t really paying attention to anything other than the spinner. I felt obsessed with it. is that the point? 

how can something so small and simple be such a big deal to the kids right now??!


2 thoughts on “fidget spinners

  1. EVERYONE at school has them yet I can agree with you they are so annoying!! Although people are buying them in Australia for about $15 when they probably only cost 20cents to make 🙄 kids sit in class spinning them while the teachers are talking and I think that they are merely more a distraction to everyone then to help one kid focus…. but that’s just my opinion xx

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  2. I do not understand the fascination with these things at all. I don’t see how it could possibly help with focusing on the task at hand. I think we are creating an entire population of kids that are not learning to be still and listen, who need some kind of device to help them do so. It is one of the most ridiculous things I have seen come down the pike.


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