Relay for life may 20, 2017

have you ever heard of relay for life? 

it is done by the American cancer society for anyone that is a survivor as well as remembering those that had cancer.

My work is one of the sponsors for relay. I became involved by hoping to raise $100. 

the walk is from 11 am to 11 pm. we are doing it at a windmill museum. there will be many activities for kids, vendors, silent auction. around 530 tonight the survivors will walk a lap and go into the banquet hall for their dinner. then around 10 we have lumineers that someone bought in remembrance for someone with cancer. they each have a picture of a windmill and the person’s name. they will be lit with a candle and are displayed around where we walk. 

I am very thankful and happy that I will be attending this. we did raise $100. 
I encourage anyone that has the opportunity to be involved in this walk to volunteer or even donate. 


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