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Life as a nurse-F

f letterFatigue, family, FDA, faces, feces, fever,flu, farting 

Life as a nurse became a little hectic this week and I didn’t post on time for about a week. sorry folks! I am working five days a week and we are down to the last two weeks of school. so working, housework, school, and activities took over my life. I vow to be a little more efficient in the next week. this blog post about the letter F is a little long, but hopefully you still enjoy it! are people enjoying these??!?!

also..on a side note.. I do know the alphabet. I just forgot the letter F??!?!? yeah, i’ll be your nurse! hahahaaaa


I understand this term oh to well. I’m tired. everyone in the hospital or coming into a doctors office is tired. the nurses are tired. the doctors are tired. it a never ending story. when I worked in the hospital, I work up to 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts. they sometimes went fast, sometimes so slow. it seemed the busier you were the faster the day went. typically that is how it works. what used to make the day even longer was being up staffed or mandatory overtime. up staffed is when they don’t have enough staff for the next shift and you are required to stay longer. typically they can only hold you another 4 hours, making you work a 16 hour shift. but… in reality you sometimes worked closer to 20 hours. yeah.. not safe. mandatory overtime usually happened with snow storms. everyone would have to come in before the storm hit and you would sleep in the hospital beds until your shift. you would work your shift, take a couple hours to sleep, then work again. you were not allowed to leave until they let you.

i’m thankful that I don’t work in the hospital any more for these very reasons. when I worked the 3 am to 3 pm shift. I was getting up at 1 am and not off work till closer to 7 or even 9 pm. just to go home and sleep for about 4 hours to do it again.

I was tired. I was so tired that I was not a nice person. my family hated me working at these times. they couldn’t stand my attitude because I was so tired I couldn’t function.

even though I work in a doctors office now, I still get tired just like everyone else that works a full time job. I think I get tired because it is such a mentally and emotional job. sometimes it is an easy day seeing patients. you have a bunch of well child visits and no one needs shots. then you have a day where it is nothing but huge health problem pts that are not in good health. I love what I do, don’t think I am complaining. I’m just trying to show you what it is for a nurse. when I am working as the phone nurse, sometimes good days about rashs. others its about chest pain, fractures, mental emergencies. those are the days when it is tiring.

family tree

family is important not only to patients but to a nurse’s family. first, the patient family. you can either have an awesome family… or one that you want to get out of the office as fast as you can. yes, I know that families are just concerned and want what is best for their member but it is how you come off to others that is horrible. sometimes no matter how much you do for a family member, they treat a healthcare member like shit. is it because the member is in the hospital/office? is it their anxiety coming thru? who knows?

a nurses family is just as important. I met my bf when I was a junior in nursing school. he knew getting into a relationship with a nurse was going to be complicated. he knew the long hours of school. it wasn’t until I went thru my boards, interviews, and job training what he really was getting himself into. he didn’t realize the long hours, the sacrifices I had to make when it came to holidays or events. he became my rock and stable place that I could turn to. he was the person I could come home and cry to after a long day. or stress out with because a patient was screaming at me over the phone for 2 hours. my family is a big part of my life. they understand what I go thru at work and understand if I come home upset and moody. they are also my safe place. I know that when I am with them that I can leave my bad days, long days, good days, at work. I’m ever thankful for their support.


you know the label on medications that are approved and safe to use that they have reviewed? they are present there for a reason. they tell you if they have looked at the pros and cons of the medication. they basically are staying the medication is ‘safe’. have you ever gone to the store and you come across things that lack that label???

welcome to nursing. where all the unlabeled things that the FDA has not approved. including vitamins and supplements. all the weight loss medication that gives you the quick fix. or the quick fix medications for energy, adhd, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. sometimes these quick fixes land you in the hospital for a not so quick stay. I see a lot of these things. yes, some of them are ok for you to use. like the herbals and the vitamins instead of the medications. but I have heard more than my fair share of things that are not approved by the FDA. I could prob write a book!


faces tell you a lot about a person. I can read faces prob better than a poker player. I am able to tell when a child isn’t tell the truth and I have to ask my questions differently. I am able to spot a pt that is lying about taking their blood pressure medications. I can spot down the hallway a pt that is trying to get out of a drug test for narcotics. you have to be able to read faces because some patients are not going to tell you when they are scared, fearful, or even in pain.


as a nurse I ask about your poop. it always comes down to the pooping. I need to know when, how much, color, texture, consistency, smell. I want all the information. I want it all!  yes, I even ask the little kids. some will tell you with a smile on their face because they can actually talk about their poop to someone! some just look at your afraid because that is just weird. older generations??? they answer the question without a blink of the eye. sometimes and most of the time they tell me before I even ask!


I think one of the biggest lies that I hear on a daily basis is about fevers. parents call in about their child having a fever. telling me that they have it and when asked how high…”well I don’t know, I just know they have a high fever.” or the famous, “it was over 104!.” really? over 104? why weren’t they in the hospital then???!? take them to the damn hospital! or are you just lying to me to get an appointment by making up a number that you think is believe able.. because honey 104 is not believable.

I will only say two things:

  1. get your damn flu shot.
  2. the flu is not about just abdominal pain and throwing up. look up the symptoms!
  3. ok I lied, get your damn flu shot!

fart diagram

we all do it. its a basic human function. what I don’t like is when you walk past me when I am eye level with your butt and you fart. in my face. or when we put you up on the exam table getting ready for a pap and you fart….with no apologizing. yes, I know human basic function. but come on now!

wooo hooo!!!! you made it to the end of this long post about the life as a nurse– letter f.

I hope everyone is enjoying these as much as I like writing them. do you like them? do you want more? less? i’m not sure anyone is even reading these !


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