push pin on canvas craft 

my sister and I attended a library craft event today. it’s pretty neat that they things like this for free!

craft project today was push pin on canvas. 

you start with a blanket canvas. 

we painted ours and then used the air dryer to speed the process along. I picked blue, green, and gray. it kinda turned a nasty green color so I put more blue. 

then you use a pencil to draw out your design. they had stencils of letters or animals or you could free hand it. 

I decided that I was going to free hand mine. 

then you start putting in your push pins!! 

I started mine here.. any guess what it could be ??!?

it’s a hedgehog!!!

sorry it’s on it’s side lol.

I had to get a pic with twiggy of course.

she of course wasn’t to impressed and ran away. it is her bedtime. 

here is my sister’s push pin canvas

sorry again that it is side ways

this craft was pretty easy and fun to do!

have u ever done this craft before?

are you going to try it? if you do share yours 


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