walking bliss 

good morning everyone! or afternoon or night to anyone ?

I woke up at 520 to go to the bathroom. I know I needed to get up and walk but I really didn’t want to. I’m trying to work on my self love. try to take care of myself. work on my weight loss but know that I am still beautiful no matter what.

I figured since I was walking I would return some library books. 

it is just warm enough outside to wear sweats and flip flops. yes I know, weird. but I do live in a hillbilly town. 

I love the weather. trees blooming. flowers planted. people mowing their lawns, putting mulch down and sitting on their porch. you can hear the birds chirping.

when I started walking it was quiet, a little dark still out. by the time I arrived at the library, it was lighter out. people are waking up getting ready for work. kids getting ready for school and counting down to the last day. 

by the time I got home, I was ready to go back to bed lol. but it was time to get the kid up and me ready for work.

I only work 9 to 12 today. enough time to answer phones. my plan is to come home and now the grass..we will see if that happens. 

I also have a craft class tonight at the library that my sister and I are going to. I’ll post pictures tonight! 

anyone else have plans ? 


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