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The Fifth letter by Nicola Moriarty


the fifth letter by Nicola Moriarty was an awesome read. I might have some spoilers so please be cautious if reading!

“The first thing you need to know is that I would never, ever actually follow through on these feelings.”

one extra letter, the fifth letter was all it took for the secrets to come out.

the story starts with Joni is talking to a priest who she is confessing her thoughts too regarding a recent vacation that she took with her three friends, deb, eden, and trina. she talks about how they all have known each other since high school. best friends that never left each other sides until they got married. they became busy with work, friends, and children. joni just wanted one more time to get together as friends. especially when she is feeling so vulnerable.

joni was missing the time that they were friends. she wanted that again. they had grown apart. she was always the one bringing them back together. after a fun couple of days with laughter and way to much wine, they decide to write letters to each other. in the letters they are to write about one secret. no names. wrote on a computer.

four letters are wrote each letter with a dark confession. what do the letters hold? a pill problem? a teenage pregnancy? troubled marriage? fertility problems?

But someone wrote an extra letter. a letter that reveals that one of the women hates another one. she wants to hurt this women. her obsession, jealousy, and rage.

Joni is the one that finds the letter. what is she suppose to do? does she confront her friends? how does she know who wrote it? she doesn’t want to distance them already then what they are.

this book was a page turner! it was fascinating to read about friendships that could turn deadly so fast. I highly recommend this book. it was not what I was expecting to read. I love how author wrote the book. she alternated between past and present. she brought in the past to give you a back ground to the story. the depth and intensity was in her writing. once I started the book I could not put it down.

I am including this book in my 2017 reading challenge. I think it fits into the category about “a book with letters.”





2 thoughts on “The Fifth letter by Nicola Moriarty

  1. Not read past first sentence in case of spoilers. But authors name made me think it turns out she is one of three sister’s who writes. I have read books by her sister Liane and enjoyed? Have you read Liane? I’m wondering if they are similar. Sounds like their other sister Jacklyn write YA so different to Liane.


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