Friday night camping

hello everyone! it is beautiful here. days are getting warmer, 80 next week. nights are cooler, 50! 

we celebrate the long week of rain and cold by having a fire last night. 

it was a nice way to end the week. we have been so busy with getting back on track after camping, working, housework, and everything else thrown in there. 

I decided to put my feet up and relax!!!

don’t pay attention to my nail polish please. it wasn’t tell after I took this I realized I only have half a toe nail painted. lol. 

the kid played in the yard. well..did yard work jedi style. he used his lightsaber by someone from star wars to slash thru the dandelions. it was pretty entertaining to watch. 

the bf decided that he wanted hot dogs, chicken, and shrimp for dinner. on the fire. yes, what a combination. 

we did chipotle chicken. it was pretty tasty in a hot dog bun.
I also enjoyed a hot dog, chili, and banana peppers. I know weird, but so good. aren’t there people that eat weird hot dogs?!?!? what do you eat on your hot dogs? 

they also did grilled shrimp. the kid ate half the pack because he loves shrimp, I do not yuck !

having a campfire can’t be complete with out smores!!!! oh so good and tasty. 

other than sitting at the fire and enjoying the heat and embers, I enjoy the smell. I enjoy when you come back inside and you still smell the fire on your skin and clothes. I’m sure others don’t like it, but it just makes me enjoy summer. we went to bed smelling like a campfire. yes, I know we should have go showers but we didn’t. oh well! 

My plan was to post this last night, but after the fire I caught up on 13 reasons why. I’m almost done with the series. I plan on doing a review of it. today is spending time with my mom and baseball game tonight. 


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