life as a nurse challenge

life as a nurse– G

good, grieving, glaucoma, and GAD

every patients wants to hear that they are good. good health, good weight, good diet, good decisions. it’s a constant questions “is that good?” “I’m I good?” 

I answer this question every day.somwtimes I have to say, no your not. your numbers are to high, you disease is out of control etc. 

grieving. it’s a process. they don’t really teach it to you in nursing school. you are not taught how to talk to a family member when their loved one dies. you are not taught how to talk to someone that is grieving. 

you are also not taught about the grieving that you go thru as a nurse. I grieve all the time. I grieved and still do when I worked in the icu and would lose a patient. I didn’t have anyone to talk to or hold my hand to tell me I did everything right. I grieve in the office when we lose a pt. patients aren’t the only ones that grieve. nurses do as well. we don’t get the attention as much because we are the ones helping those that are grieving and are not seen that we need help as well. 

glaucoma. ok..i think it might be on the area that I live. we have a lot of pts that tell us “I’m taking my glaucoma medicine. ” no they aren’t talking about pills or eye drops. they are talking about marijuana. I’m not sure why so many people refer to it as glaucoma medicine. but I hear this quite a bit. 

GAD. also known as generalized anxiety disorder. at one time in my nursing career, about the time I was in school, this wasn’t a big subject people wanted to talk about. no one wants to talk about that they have anxiety. mostly it is because it is known as a mental illness. it’s a stigma. patients have it. nurses do as well. 

nurses have anxiety going to work knowing that your short staffed, you know you will have to pick up the slack. you know that the 101 things you usually have to do turn to over 300. 

nurses have anxiety when you deal with bullies. yes, there are bullies in health care. I was a victim of been bullied. a house supervisor was not very nice when I was working the floor. it caused me to become anxious and I dealt with it. I have anxiety and depression and just that little thing of bullying tipped me over the edge. 

now a days, people are more open talking about anxiety and depression. why? maybe it’s because more people are wanting to talk about it and get help. 


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