tiny house adventure 

have you ever seen those shows on tv called tiny house? they have a couple shows about making hour own tiny house or even looking for the perfect tiny house. I love these shows. I always watch them in amazement because of the the places that people move to. 
to give you an idea about the show it is where a person, couple, or even a family! they decide to give up the home for one that is small. really small. like 200 square feet small. the bedrooms are usually lofts. dining room and living room is one room. kitchen has limited accessories, no washer or dryer. limited storage.

plus you usually don’t have a mortgage. bills are reduced due to most of the time you use a composting toilet.sometimes use solar panels for electricity. if you want to move, just hook up your house and move it!

even though it is so different, watching the shows I entertain with the idea that I could move into a tiny house. then I got to thinking… I have so many animals and stuff I want to take!! 

the purpose of this blog was to see what are the things I can’t live without  if I moved into a tiny house. I know it is going to be difficult bc there is three of us and a dog, two cats, one rabbit, one guinea pig, and a hedgehog. beside the company I would keep I made a list of things that would want to take with me to my tiny house 

My tiny house list:

basic necessities -toothbursh/paste, hairbrush and bathing products

My essential oils– I have a lot

computer and tablet – could potentially get rid of computer due to having a smart phone and tablet

craft supplies including journaling, sewing machine, and knitting

My favorite books I couldn’t live without

My herbs and planets i grow from scratch. 

My grandma’s dishes that were passed down to me 

games especially card games

Google chrome cast. this way if don’t have cable can still watch t.v.. will have to bring a tv as well. don’t really need a DVD player will just take the ps4 

camera. could get rid of this since have phone with really good camera 


teapot/ coffee pot

im sure there are a lot more things I did not name. these are the basics of what I would want to take if I need to move. after doing this, I found out I have a lot of stuff that I seem to not be able to live without. but then… what about all the other stuff I’m not naming and that my house is filled with?!?!? my house is packed with stuff and I’m sure I could get rid of a lot of it

Ive been thinking a lot about doing kind of a cleanse of my house. go through and really think about all the stuff that I have. why do I have so many clothes that I don’t wear. all the decorations for holidays I never put out. 

I know I will never move into a tiny house but it got me thinking that you really don’t need all this stuff. 

could you do it, live in a tiny house? do you already live in a tiny house or a small area? is there compromises you have to make? 


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