life as a nurse challenge

life as a nurse -e

ears, expectorant, exit, exercise 

as a nurse, ears are a big deal. they collect things when you are small.. peas, stickers, marbles. when you are older they collect wax and dirt that is disgusting when they come out. working in a doctors office, I sometimes have the duty of flushing a patients ear out. it’s disgusting. the gunk that comes out of the ears. it’s amazing how something so little can hold so much. just talking about it makes me gag. yuck.

expectorants. you go to the doctors and we ask a million questions including are you coughing. what are you coughing up? color? thick ? thin? pts look at you crazy. why would you look at it and why would be ask. it’s my job to find out so that we can help you. it might be gross but it we gotta ask.

exit. every nurse knows the quickest exit to get out of your work place. not because of fires or emergencies. even tho you should know the exits in case of an emergency. no, a nurse knows the exits because she knows exactly how many hours it is until she gets off work. you get closer to that door every hour and second. 
exercise. you preach it to your patients. you need to get up, walk around, eat better, and exercise every day. but how do you practice what you preach when you don’t even exercise yourself? how do you say cut out the sugar, caffeine  and carbs. I’ve decided that the only way I can practice what I tell patients, be more healthy. I’m having bad days but I’m only human. when I encounter patients I tell them, it happens we can’t all be perfect everyday . 


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