life as a nurse challenge

life as a nurse –ddoctors, diarrhea, decay, death

I’m sorry I haven’t  been writing to much for my a to z challenge. I’ve been busy with kid stuff and didn’t plan out my posts like I should have. newbie blogger!

in nursing you deal with many things. I decided to focus on doctors, decay, diarrhea, and death. 

doctors make my job. they can make my day great or horrible. doctors are you bosses. you can do things without their approval but most of the time, they are making sure you are doing it correctly.  the office I worked for, I ran everything. I was the doctors right hand at all times. I knew what he wanted and I had the authority to make the decisions that he would make. I also knew this doctor when he worked in the hospital, I worked along side him. in the office vs the hospital, two different sides of a doctor. I feel like in the hospital they are not laid back. it’s all business and strict professional. in the office, laid back and friendly. 

I have had my fair share of working with doctors. when I first was a nurse, I had witnessed doctors screaming at nurses in the hallway. I’ve also met doctors that lack bedside manner. well lack any communication or manners at all.

diarrhea. code brown. it’s not something that anyone wants to encounter. but diarrhea or any body function is a common question as well as something as a nurse you deal with. it’s a daily question you have to ask. you need to know when, how it looks, and amount. but when you deal with diarrhea, everything explodes. haha get it. ok moving on lol. 

decay. I think the most scary thing I encountered is when a patient complained of toe pain and came in with black toes. BLACK TOES. I immediately took the shoes off and ran for my doctor. i explained that we had a patient with black toes and one of them was hanging off. it was disgusting. 

I deal with a lot of wounds. wounds that would give people nightmares. I’ve seen decaying wounds to bones and decaying wounds with maggots. the smell that comes off these wounds… you can smell It fron the hallway. I would go into smells but that it the letter s. 🙂

death. no one likes to experience it. let along be the one to be there when it is happening or even the one that has to deliver the news. 
I have seen death many times. I was there when I had a patient take their last breath. I have held their hand. I have been the nurse that confirms the death of a loved one . it is not something you want to deal with but it is part of being a nurse. it is heartbreaking but a learning experience. you really learn how to communicate with your patients family, show empathy, compassion. these all make up being a nurse. 


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