exhausted, happy, and one year older

we are home from boy scout camporee.

it is so nice to be home. in a warm bed, normal layers of clothes, and not stinky. 

we had fun. so much fun. the day started off at 7 am. we all got about 2 hours of sleep. some of that was because the boys would not go to sleep some bc we were so cold!

so cold! it was around 30 degrees. I had multiple layers on with hand warmers and still froze my butt off!

we did many activities. leather making where I made an awesome bracelet. 

we also did archery where I got to shoot! did a pretty good job

then camp first aid and a relay race. the boys had to take apart a small cannon, go thru obstacles and then put back to order. it was a pretty awesome experience. it was fun seeing the boys talk to each other and encourage each other to do things together. I have pictures of these parts but because it’s young boys and I don’t have parent permission I’m not posting. 

lunch came where we had walking tacos. then our one mile walk. the boys had to use a compass to navigate. we went all over the camp area. saw a morel mushroom.

after the walk the boys were getting tired. the attitudes were coming out. the “my legs hurt” was a constant comment.

we were almost done by this time and only had the fur traders and slingshot to do. 

the fur traders they were able to learn about guns, clothes, and animals during the period of the revolutionary war. 

the last thing and what the boys were looking forward to the most was the slingshot. they were to use dog food as ammo to hit cans. they pretended the cans were animals or even the ‘british.’

dinner was a success. deer stew, cheery soup, cinnamon apple bake. 

closing ceremony was beautiful. it is when all the boys come together to do skits. awards. enjoy the last campfire of camp together. 

usually by the time we get back to camp the boys are so tired they go straight to bed. we ended up doing smores and sending the boys to bed.

the adults then had time to ourselves. it’s when all the snacks come out for us. plus shots of fireball. I’m not a drinker but the shot took the chill out of your body. by then the temperatures started dropping. we put on more layers. I had 2 pairs of socks, pants, and sweat shirts. and I still froze!!!

we were to be out of camp by 12 but we all woke up at 7 and wanted to get out fast. tents came down and cars packed in record time. 

when the kid and I came home, my bf told us we stunk so bad we weren’t allowed to sit on the couch. showers and breakfast brunch was needed.

after filling up on food, we visited a health food store. I purchased a new essential oil ylang ylang that I’ve been looking for awhile. I do essential oils. I know a lot of people don’t believe in them but they really help me. 

I also bought this awesome product called a patio egg. I hate mosquitos, doesn’t everyone?? I thought this was awesome and have heard good reviews. 

a nap was next in the plans. it is my birthday today but I was so tired I really didn’t want to do much. we decided to just relax. the kid has been watching t.v. all day and relaxing.  we have watched aladdin, tangled and frozen. well..i slept thru tangled. 

I’m starting a cold because of sleeping outside and campfire smoke. I have lathered myself up with peppermint, lavender, and lemon oil. 

we didn’t do to much for bday dinner. just soup, grilled cheese and cake. perfect dinner. 

it is now winding down. just a little after 9. I am about dead. 

I know I need to catch up on all my readings. also, I need to do my last couple of days of a to z challenge. lots of things to do and so little time. 

night every one I’m going to my nice WARM bed!


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