preparing for boy scout camporee

we have boy scout camporee Friday thru Sunday this week. I am really hoping for nice weather. it has rained all week and hopefully it isn’t to wet. 

camporee is a time for the scouts to go and get some badges completed. the kid is in webelos and he gets to plan a webelos dinner. we are making slop. doesn’t sound appetizing but it’s going to be deer meat, beef, carrots, onions, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, celery. this is the main meal they are making due to the time period being the revolutionary war. the boys are suppose to be minutemen.

this is the first time I will be camping with them. even tho I am a woman, it seems that all the pack leader in ours are lead by women. which isn’t a bad thing because well women rule. lol.

I have heard many stories about camporee. one of the leaders talks about how usually one kid sleep walks. when they open the boys tent it is like a fog of farts. the boys never sleep Friday night and then drag all day long on Saturday. we get up on Saturday from 6 am till 11 pm. it is filled with activities. Sunday is camp pick up day. 

you would think that packing for a camping trip isn’t that much..but packing for two people is a little more than I thought it would be. I wrote down my list in my bullet journal but also thought I would explain what things you need when you pack for a boy scout camping trip. 

The kid packing list

  1. first aid kit
  2. sleeping bag
  3. pillow
  4. extra blankets
  5. 5 undewears
  6. 6 set of socks
  7. 5 shirts
  8. 3 pair of shorts
  9. 2 pair of jeans
  10. 2 pair of shoes
  11. mess kit
  12. lantern
  13. cub scout shirt
  14. toothbrush and paste
  15. flashlight
  16. poncho 
  17. 2 sweatshirts
  18. 1 light jacket
  19. hat 
  20. folding chair
  21. water bottle

My packing list

  1. sleeping bag
  2. pillow
  3. blankets
  4. lantern
  5. toothbrush and paste
  6. hairbrush
  7. medications 
  8. hat
  9. 4 pairs underwear
  10. 4 pairs socks
  11. 1 pair shorts
  12. 1 pair capris
  13. 1 pair jeans
  14. 2 pairs sweats
  15. 2 sweatshirts
  16. mess kit
  17. lantern
  18. cell phone charger/portable charger
  19. camera
  20. folding chair
  21. water bottle 

things going to buy for the both of us:

  1. sunscreen
  2. bug spray like 5 cans
  3. tick removal tool
  4. case of water 
  5. hats

what i need to buy before we go or things I would like to price :

  1. one folding chair
  2. hat
  3. boots? like rain boots
  4. jeans

hopefully there is nothing that I am missing. does it sound like I have everything? any more ideas what i need? 

I hope to post some pictures of activities. I’m hoping for good weather as well like i said earlier. this weekend is also my birthday 🙂

I am looking forward to this trip. I love being outside. I love the night air and being able to look up to the night sky and see the stars. I can’t wait for hiking and Smores. oh… smores!!!


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