life as a nurse challenge

life as a nurse–B

blood, butts, barf, belly buttons 

this post prob is going to sound disgusting, sorry but I’m a nurse. I live disgusting. I’m one of those people that sit at dinner talking about nasty surgeries while everyone screams to stop!

blood. it’s nasty at times. it gets on your clothes. it’s bad when you see it coming out of a patient. it helps patients that are in need. I still remember the first time that I administered blood to a patient. I was so nervous, as I should be. it was a long process due to a patient health condition. but it was worth it in the end. you could see hours after the effect of the blood.i was proud to be able to help my patient. 

butts. I have seen my fair share of butts as a nurse. old, young, small, round, wrinkled and tight. even though they are different looking they all have a crack! haha ..yeah I know, stupid joke.

barf is not a some thing you want to find out your patient is doing. I have seen a lot of hard. I’ve had it down my scrub shirt, I’m had it in my shoes. yes, I know this is disgusting. I’ve seen pictures, I’ve even been brought a bag to the office! 

moving on!

what is it with kids and belly buttons? they all want to show you them. 🙂 it is by far the cutest thing in the world. in the office, the babies would point to their belly button and squeal in laughter when you would listen to their belly. 

I’m sure I could come up with a lot of other words starting with b for this challenge. but…i didn’t want to gross you out even more. was this one gross? did you finish to the end? are you going to come back?!?!?


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