dietician update 

today was my weigh in and update with my dietician. I weighed in at 212. to date I’ve lost 11 pounds. small amount of weight. but it’s something. she says that I am doing very well. 

My goals this month:

  • writing down food intake, calories, steps and exercise
  • eating breakfast
  • increasing amount of exercise a day
  • get up to my 1000 calorie a day

I thought that in my month I would have lost more. she said I am doing very well. I’m losing the weight and not to fast. I haven’t been meeting my calorie intake due to being sick lately. I felt good going to see her. I feel like I’m making progress even when I thought I was doing bad. 

I’m trying to find ways to get myself up and wanting move in the morning before work. I’m struggling with the exercising before work. she told me that we can’t be perfect all the time, that don’t be at yourself up for not being perfect every day. yes, it hurts you not to be follow the right calorie intake each day but if you need to make healthy adjustments then do it. that really gave me confidence. 

I can do this!


4 thoughts on “dietician update 

  1. You can sure do anything you set your mind to! Congratulations on losing the 11 pounds, I hope you lose some more and feel happy and confident in your body. Just don’t forget strong is better than skinny! Be strong, be fit and be healthy! best of luck! x

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  2. Google what 5 lbs of fat looks like and you’ll be thrilled with that loss. Also you want to try and lose about 2 lbs a week on average to avoid eating into your muscle. Keep up the great work!


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