life as a nurse challenge

life as a nurse a to z -A

A is for ABOUT ME the nurse

I am a nurse for six years now. I graduated from a very prestigious school in my area with my BSN. I started off in a huge hospital on the medical surgical floor. great experience, great co-workers. horrible hours, I worked 3 am to 3 pm. which really meant I worked 1 am to 7 pm. I was stressed due to the hours and the demands that they place on med surg nurses. I also did not like the hours or that I was driving over an hour to get to work. 

I switched jobs to a small community hospital. it was about a 30 minute drive. the shift was 445 am to 5 pm. I loved it at first. I was working icu and as house supervisor as needed. what I didn’t like was that community hospitals sometimes don’t have patients…meaning I don’t work. I also was felt like I was working every weekend. also…community hospital means biggest gossip place. when you only have so many employees and every one knows everyone… not fun.

I ended up switching to a doctor’s office after being there for about a year. I had to travel a little further but I figured, no holidays and no weekends with the hours of 8 to 5 I didn’t mind the drive. I loved that office. I still miss it. what I don’t miss is how I was not respected. I was the only nurse in the office and the medical assistants didn’t care. they would call themselves nurses and when I would say something I got in trouble. it wasn’t only a respect from them it was my managers because they knew what was happening but didn’t change it. I worked there a little over 2 years. I ended up leaving due to the issues plus I wasn’t getting off work till 7 some nights. 

I have now found my job that I hope to keep for many years to come. I’m working down the street where I live  about 5 minutes. no holidays, no weekends. hours are very set of 9 to 5 pm. 

everyone tells me the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…well this side is greener. yes I have run into issues with some of my coworkers but your going to. I work predominantly with women. we are bitchy. we are territorial. there is a saying that nurses eat their young, it’s true. you have a new nurse coming into your work place and you want to make sure you are still the boss. but I love where I’m at right now.

I love nursing. if you would have told me I would be working in a doctors office I would have laughed at you. but I wouldn’t changed it for anything. 

if you haven’t noticed already, I’m going to do a challenge life as a nurse a to z. hopefully I can make it all the way to z. let me know what you think! any suggestions?


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