hamburger with veggies and couscous

hello everyone! I am loving this weather. I returned to work after a four day vacation. I came home wanting to just sit down and relax. the bf and I took one look at the lawn and realized we needed to mow it. I made it half way thru and then had him finish why… Continue reading hamburger with veggies and couscous


goodbye May!

Wow, I can not believe that May is over. It has gone by so fast! This month was a very busy month. We were busy almost every weekend, went to many activities, wrote some awesome blogs, accomplished some goals and ignored some others things. REFLECTIONS ON THE PAST MONTH GOALS FOR MY HEALTH JOURNEY  eat… Continue reading goodbye May!

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Monday campfire, good times to a sad goodbye 

the kid leaves tomorrow with his mom for two months. I know I've talked about this before but my bf and I are having difficulty with it.  we decided to have an awesome day. we went on a walk and had some coffee at a local shop. then went fishing where the kid caught 6… Continue reading Monday campfire, good times to a sad goodbye