hamburger with veggies and couscous

hello everyone! I am loving this weather. I returned to work after a four day vacation. I came home wanting to just sit down and relax. the bf and I took one look at the lawn and realized we needed to mow it. I made it half way thru and then had him finish why I cooked up dinner. 

I laid out hamburger the day before but didn’t really want just your typical burger. I decided to cut up some veggies. mushrooms, onions, green peppers. 

sauteed them in a pan. I added some salt, pepper, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes. 

I seasoned the burgers and cooked them up. 

I paired the meal with couscous. I used a box one. lol. basically you just boil water, add the couscous and let sit off the heat for 5 minuted. bam! you have couscous. 

the bfs plate. 

I know it looks a little bland. I was expecting something dry and not tasting very well. it did turn out. usually I do this meal with brown gravy and rice or mashed potatoes. 


goodbye May!

Wow, I can not believe that May is over. It has gone by so fast! This month was a very busy month. We were busy almost every weekend, went to many activities, wrote some awesome blogs, accomplished some goals and ignored some others things.



  • eat breakfast every day- I did ok with this for about 3 weeks. the last week of may, I did not eat breakfast. well.. I did have mcdonalds, which is not healthy.
  • meet my calorie intake- accomplished this on the first 3 weeks, last week…. I’m pretty sure I was doubling my calorie intake. I stress eat, ok!
  • do couch to 5k every day- yeah… I got to running for 5 minutes and I could not do any more. these goals are depressing.
  • walk 1 to 3 miles a day- I did walk. I didn’t walk 1-3 miles every day, but I did meet this goal about 75% of the week
  • get at least 10,000 steps a day- some days
  • no pop- till about week 3, man I’m bad.
  • no cheating- again… week 3 and 4 I was bad. very, very, very, bad.
  • eat my lunch I packed, not lunch at work- i’m sensing a theme of week 3 and 4??!?
  • record steps and meals every day –i’m not even going to answer this.
  • work out every day before and after work- really?!?!? mouth is shut.


  • putting together my shoe drawers that I bought from Ikea. I have had it for over 2 months– yeah, so the show drawers are still in my mud room, not put together.
  • hang up pictures in my bedroom- nope, they are put away in the closet.
  • clean out bathroom drawers- did not do!
  • clean up the yard- completed! yes, finally I did something!
  • figure out what going to do with herb garden. my bf over loved them..grow again? still trying to figure out what I want to do with them. yes, they are still sitting in the window. dead.
  • buy some flowers and plant them- did not do. i’m broke right now.
  • stay true to my health goals- NOPE
  • go to Zumba as planned- NOPE
  • take all medication every day- yeah!!! score!
  • get up every day early enough to work out-…..
  • clean up mud room white cabinet – i’m a failure with goals!


  • Zookeeper’s Wife. this is for my book club– I started it… did not finish it.
  • the doll’s house by m.j. arlidge- started the audio and had to return it. just recently started it again.
  • the fifth letter by Nicola moriarty- finished and loved! did a blog on it! The fifth letter
  • the job by Janet evanovich- found out I already read this book?!?
  • never let you go by Chevy Stevens- awesome book! read it! also did a review on it. Never let you go
  • the arrangement by Sarah Dunn- returned it. didn’t even start it.
  • the third victim by Lisa Gardner- omgosh! I love her series. I was thinking of doing a review of the book but it is a series…
  • it takes one by Kate Kessler- started it, could not keep my attention.


  • post every day- I did ok… not the best. I did go a couple days without blogging. I felt like I lost my mojo.
  • do some sort of challenge. either a picture challenge, writing challenge, some a to z challenge. I started the a to z challenge for life as a nurse. check them out, life as a nurse I have not been doing one every day. I also have been participating in nominations for posts that someone states everyone is nominated. I have yet to be nominated directly.
  • post the books I have completed for my pop sugar reading challenge- done! whoop, whoop! does a happy dance in my chair! 2017 reading challenge


  • don’t fight or get upset about the small stuff. for example when laundry or dishes aren’t done when I get home. I would love to say I have been working on this. well, I have been working on this. I think we both have had so much anxiety with his son leaving for 2 months that we are taking out our feelings on each other.
  • try not to stress over and cause more anxiety for myself and fights about my bf mother- I tried. I really did. we did go out with them one night and we even went to her house multiple times. I still had a lot of stress.
  • have at least one date night- we did not get to do this. we did have a date night but not just by ourselves.

Well…. May wasn’t exactly what I had planned. I did not accomplish as much as I wanted for my to do list, health, blog, or relationship with bf. I did however seem to complete the most in reading. yay! LOLgoodbyemay

May was exciting. we did a lot of fun things. baseball game, night out with family, crafts, started a challenge and of course read. i’m not sure where I fell off my goals for healthy eating/exercising or my blogging. I am hoping june Is better.



it is that kind of day

Tuesday. We woke up dreading today. We took our showers, watched tv, and tried to make light conversation. The kid left today with his mom for two weeks. I’m not sure who paced more… my bf or I? Our anxiety went from minimal to heighten in a couple of hours. We had talked in the last couple of days about our fears with him leaving. We also discussed things that we were going to do when he is away. We weren’t talking about these activities like “now that I have time.” I think it was a more, “we need to keep busy so we don’t think about how much we are missing him.” We talked, we planned. As soon as he left, we looked at each other wanting to know, what do we do??!?

To help with my growing anxiety, I walked to the library. I walked among the shelves looking at books. I did not pick anything out. I guess I just couldn’t concentrate. I know that if you have been reading my blogs you are prob like, get over it. stop talking about your anxiety. i’m sorry. this is who I am. plus I ramble and you were warned in my about section that I ramble.

after returning home, the bf and his friend were catching up. a friend of his that both of us avoided for about 3 years. his ex girlfriend did not like us very much. she turned him into the friend that we did not recognize. while they went to help a friend move, I decided to work on my bullet journal. I completed this weeks layout. i decided to go with the theme of sunflowers for june. my plan today was to do the whole month layout, but I really was only able to focus on one week. my plan tomorrow is to sit down and plan out my exercise routine. I need to get back to being healthy!! junejournal

I did accomplish some other things today. I did do dishes. 🙂

I also gave lots of love to my dog, milo. he was in a mood today. he wanted lots of lovings. here are some pictures of him. isn’t he adorable?!?!?

Monday campfire, good times to a sad goodbye 

the kid leaves tomorrow with his mom for two months. I know I’ve talked about this before but my bf and I are having difficulty with it. 

we decided to have an awesome day. we went on a walk and had some coffee at a local shop. then went fishing where the kid caught 6 fish and my bf none. yeah, he wasn’t happy! lol.

after fishing we decided to head home and start a fire. 

we snacked on some veggies, guacamole and chips, and Cheetits. bf decided he wanted a meal and cooked hamburger and fries. after we were all full, the fire was on full blast. 

on the fire went baked potatoes. here is how I prepared them:

potatoe that is washed, stabbed with fork, covered with butter and seasoned with salt. then wrap tight with foil. 

next, corn went on fire. it was smothered with butter then seasoned and wrapped tightly. I forgot to get pictures of this one. 

I prepared the vegetables of zucchini, mushrooms, green peppers, and asaparus. 

the meat is a little different. instead of buying individual steaks and racking up to $50, we bought a roast. the bf then cut it up into steaks and marinated it. what did he use for marinade? no idea. I was told it is a secret, but I’m pretty sure it was a little of this and a little of that. lol. 

the meat!!

looks delcious!

this meal was so good! it was an awesome way to end the weekend. I know a meal doesn’t make anything easier on the bf and I with the kid leaving tomorrow, but it is the family time we spend together. 

the good neighbor 

we all love to blog right? of course! that is why we have our blogs, duh. do you tell the truth on your blog or do you make things up to seem extraordinary, make money, or just be happy? 

in the book, Izzy is able to escape from her life thru her blog. she is able to create her perfect man, her “mac.” she needs to find something to do with her time, especially after her son goes to bed. she is newly divorced, moved back to her hometown, and now her ex husband is bringing around a girlfriend. 

her blog becomes successful. she is a forty year old divorcee, in the dating scene and dating the perfect guy. everyone wants to be Izzy and get advice from her. her and “mac” become a blogging sensation. 

lying comes with consequences and with Izzy next door neighbor she sees that all truths do come out in the end. 

Will Izzy tell her friends the truth about “mac”? does she want to give up her success? 

the good neighbor was a “good” read. I was expecting a little more from this book. I’m not sure why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I think it was her writing style. almost like it was lacking some detail or writing mojo. even tho I found the writing hard to read, I still read the book. I would recommend it all to my fellow bloggers to read it. let me know what you think! 

weight loss june journal

I am bound and determined to get back on my health track. I am a very organized person. lately not so much but I’m getting back on track. sometimes you just need a break, a brain break. 

I bullet journal but I found this awesome journal from the happy planner for weight loss. I decided to get myself on track and excited again about losing weight would be to decorate for the month of june. 

I love sunflowers and that is what I did!

I love them! I’m not a professional by any means but it makes me happy. hope you enjoy the pictures !

we are busy enjoying the sun today and fishing. I am hoping to get my month planned out for meals, exercises, and blog posts in the next day. 

Sunday sausage dinner throw together 

throwing dinner together every night is becoming a habit of mine. I haven’t really planned a dinner in a long time. I just take something out of the freeze, today sausage, and hope that a meal comes together. 

I envy those that can throw together a quick and easy meal. if I do not plan things, going out to eat or just eating whatever becomes a habit. eating out is fun and all but not fun on my wallet. the boys wanted pizza or chinese.. I told them to suck it up and eat what I make lol.

basically tonight was a sausage sheet pan meal. I cut up onions and peppers. arranged them on the sheet with the sausage, seasoned and sprayed to prevent sticking. I made sure that I flipped them a couple times. 

I served it with broccoli and cheese. mac and cheese. yes, I know double cheese but the kid wanted it.

the bf finished plate. 

Dawn Dagger Challenge

download (4)

Good afternoon everyone on this awesome Sunday! I follow an awesome blog, Beafreee. A blog that I prob am addicted to due to her advice to novice bloggers as well as her awesome posts  being a substitute teacher. She nominated everyone for the Dawn Dagger Challenge! Go over to her blog and enjoy it!  Beafreee is awesome! I figured, since I haven’t done one already, I’ll try it!

Rules of the game!

  1. answer the questions that are given to you
  2. give 10 questions to your nominees
  3. tag 1- 10 nominees to answer question

Questions for me:

  1. What is the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home? I have never been out of the country. I have travelled to California when I was young, around one years old. I also have been as far as Florida for my brothers wedding.
  2. Do you prefer rainy days, snowy days or sunny days? Sunny days!!! I love the sun! I do like watching thunderstorms but only for a couple of hours, then the sun better return.
  3. Books or films? Hmm… this is a tough one. I enjoy going to the movies every once in a while. But I love to read! I am constantly reading.
  4. Hair up or hair down? I have short hair, so really it really isn’t up or down. sometimes I put a bobby pin or clip in it to get out of my way.
  5. When is your favorite time to write blog posts? I don’t really have a time. I just write when I have a minute or two. I really need to get on a schedule.
  6. What is your favorite post you’ve written? I enjoy doing the life as a nurse a-z challenges.
  7. What was the last film you’ve watched? If you talking about going to the movie theater, Guardians of the galaxy 2. If you talking about on t.v, I rented The Great Wall. Both movies were very good.
  8. What is your favorite clothing brand? I have no fashion sense whatsoever. I wish I did. I just buy what is comfortable. most of the time, about 5 days a week, I am in scrubs for work. When I come home, I throw on shorts and a tshirt that is usually hanes or just plain.
  9. Describe your typical daily routine. Get up and get ready for work, work 830 to 5. come home and relax before dinner. read, watch tv, take a walk, blog, take care of animals.
  10. Do you have a strict skincare routine? Not really. Every morning, I usually just use the gender bender bar from, posh. Have you heard of this brand? It is awesome!


Questions for you!

  1. Favorite holiday?
  2. What do you not like about blogging?
  3. Snakes or spiders?
  4. Favorite late night snack?
  5. If you had an extra $100, what would you buy?
  6. Red velvet, lemon, or strawberry cake?
  7. Do you enjoy doing these posts?
  8. What was your last dream about?
  9. What do you buy a lot of at the store even though you have a large supply already?
  10. What is your favorite board game?


EVERYONE! I copied this response from Beafreee, mostly because I don’t have a lot of followers and don’t want to force someone to answer these questions lol. Have fun and don’t forget to tag me so that I can look at your answers!

Campfire meal

After the day spent at the zoo and the perfect weather, we figured we would have a fire. What is better on a fire than smores?? hobo dinners! do you know what a hobo dinner is? really it is anything you can find, wrap in foil, and place on fire. The typically hobo dinner is hamburger, potatoes, onions, mushrooms. I have seen variations that are cooked with chicken, steak, or even just vegetables. They are delicious! I always enjoyed having hobos when I was growing up. We would put our order in with my dad, he would cut everything up and then sit around the fire waiting for them to cook. After I was writing this blog, I wanted to know why they call them hobo dinners?!?

We decided to do hamburger patties (made by the bf), sliced potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes (on mine only).


First you slice up your potatoes. You can make them as thin or thick as you want. Just remember the thicker, the longer then take to cook. You can do these in straight foil, but I used tin cooking pans, that I sprayed with cooking spray. I figured since we were eating outside, these would be easier to eat out of.


Cut up your onions and mushrooms. I didn’t get a picture of the mushrooms due to my camera having limited space and I had to make quick decisions! Plus my mushrooms were already cut up, haha!DSCN0018

Make your burgers how ever you please. I wish I could tell you what is in ours but the bf made them and said its top secret. whatever! Put your burger on top of potatoes and add your onions. You could always put your burger on the bottom but I like the potatoes cooking in the juice from the burger.


Add your mushrooms!DSCN0020

All four meals are made! Add seasonings as you wish. We did salt, pepper, Worchester sauce. Some people add more butter, I did not. The cooking spray and the fat from the burger would be enough to keep everything juicy and not sticking.

DSCN0021I added tomatoes to mine. The boys did not want them. Meaning more for me!!! I then wrapped them up.

We also did corn on the cob but I did not get a picture of them.


Place on the fire. It really all depends on how hot the fire for your cooking time. We had a decent fire so it took about an hour. We rotated them about half way thru. I did not get a finished picture project (sorry!). The sun was going down and my camera has no memory left and.. yeah excuses. Lol. Let’s just say no one talked while we ate because it was so good!

Have you made hobo dinners before? What do you put in them?


Saturday family day at the zoo!

I have been anxious all week. I’m not eating right, barely sleeping, and not exercising. I’m worried about the kid leaving with his mother. well she decided that instead of Saturday she has to wait till tuesday..big surprise right ? after telling the kid no your mom isn’t coming… yes I know she broke a promise… why don’t we go to the zoo!! we thought it would get his mind off everything plus who doesn’t enjoy the zoo?!?!?

it was very fun. the day was perfect, 74. barely any sun, mostly cloudy. we have had so much rain in the past couple of days that it is humid and we have floods like crazy.   the zoo was packed but we were able to get to see everything. they opened up a new area, the Australian adventure. I was kinda disappointed. I was expecting more since they had it closed for about 2 years. 

here are some pictures! I know they aren’t the best but the animals didn’t exactly pose for me. 🙂