Ramen is more than just a poor person meal

in college ramen was my go to meal. it was cheap and you could make it not as unhealthy. 

there are many recipes out there involving ramen into a Chinese soup. all kinds of variations. 

this is mine and it was delicious!


hamburger has much as you need for your servings. I did two pounds.

one to two onions


salt, pepper, and red chili flakes

6 cups beef broth 

ramen noodles

green onions 

half cup gochujang


  1. Brown the hamburger with onions. 
  2. season with salt, pepper, red chili flakes. if you want more heat, add more flakes if not..don’t lol.
  3. once browned, add mushrooms. I like ours not all the way done that’s why I add last.
  4. remove from stock pot and put in bowl for later.
  5. leave any oil or left over need you can’t get our in pan 
  6. add beef broth, gochujang and boil
  7.  once boiling, add ramen noodles. they do not take long to cook. about 3 minutes
  8. while ramen is cooking fry up an egg
  9. cut up your green onions 
  10. remove noodles and put in bowl, add some broth, top with meat, then green onions and egg

  11. enjoy!!!

we did serve ours with egg rolls. I’m sure you could also serve with some rice, wontons, or Crap ragoon. 


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