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egg whites, comeback sunday

lately I haven’t been doing to good on my weight loss journey. I have been feeling sick lately and have had no appetite. my appetite is back and yesterday I didn’t not make good choices all day.

I have my appointment with my dietician on Tuesday. 

so, today is a new day. I’m not going to dwell about the last couple if days. I’m going to focus on the future.

my tummy was rumbling this morning for the first time in a couple of days. I really want the left over sausage with biscuits but I did not give in!

I had my shake with pb2 mixed in. I then made myself some egg whites, I can have 1/3 cup, with vegetables of tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms. 

I think it looks delicious ! bonus, take a good too!

my goal today is to walk. it is suppose to be 72 but rainy. I’ll prob go walk if not use the treadmill. here is to Sunday comeback!


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