weight troubles :(

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So, If you have been reading my blog you know that I am on a weight loss journey. lately, I have not been feeling very well. It has not stopped me from exercising. But every morning I am very sick to my stomach. I have nausea and want to throw up. No, I am not pregnant.

At first, I was like ok that day that I cheated and karma caught up with me..my body just needed a couple more days to recover. No, every day since last Friday morning nausea, diarrhea. Every time I eat, I have nausea and diarrhea. I’m not sure what is going on.

But… if I eat healthy food, vegetables, lean meat, chicken. nothing with fat, I feel fine. that is what drives me to the conclusion that it is GERD. also, the possibility that my body is getting used to healthy food and when I eat unhealthy, it is trying to get rid of it.

I just know that I feel horrible lately. I am still exercising but I am barely making my calorie intake each day. I am suppose to be eating about 1000-1100 but I am going eating 400-600. My appetite is gone. I don’t even notice that I am eating less. I don’t want this. I know I should be jumping for job but my cravings are just gone but it worries me that I am feeling like this.download


I do have some fatigue. No unexplained temperatures. No vomiting. Nothing that I would cause myself alarm that I would take myself to the doctor yet. I’m a nurse. I don’t go to the doctor or hospital unless I’m dying. literally, I have had pneumonia many times because I refuse to go to the doctor when I get sick. sometimes this is a good thing…sometimes no. I also work in a doctor office, so I have been running my symptoms by the other nurses. their ideas are similar to my own, body getting used to the better food, GERD.

I am really hoping that it is something simple and not something related to my weight management supplements. I haven’t had any issues drinking/eating them, so I don’t know why I would now.

With the less calories come the increased fatigue and motivation is lacking. I do have an appointment next Tuesday with my dietician. I plan on going over everything with her then. I’m not suppose to meet with the nurse practionier at the time, but I might due to having these issues.download (1)

I want to lose weight but in a healthy way. not because I’m barely eating any calories or because of the diarrhea. It also could just be a bug, I am working in a new environment. I could have caught something. plus I work with sick people, duh. lol

Hoping tomorrow with some changes that I have done with my food intake today will have some improvements. we shall see!

I found this awesome quote that I love. This was also said to me and have seen many different places when I go to the doctors. I really think this is true. I think this weekend, I am going to make my motivational board and put this up.


Just make sure that you KEEP GOING!


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