my Twiggy girl

DSCN0007I know that I have posted a lot tonight…..but I thought I would share one thing that is unique about me. I have a hedgehog. I know that some of my followers live in Europe and they run on the road wild?!?!? so I guess, seeing and knowing about hedgehogs are not that rare. but here where I live, a hedgehog as a pet is not common.

I figured since she is sitting with me while I write my blogs and catch up on posts that the only thing logically to do is write about her 🙂images (3)

I have always wanted a hedgehog from the time I was young. I saw them multiple times at the flea markets and pet stores. I finally found a breeder about a year and half ago. I purchased my Twiggy and love her to death!

I named her Twiggy because when I first saw her, her little legs would stick out from my hand. They are so skinny like twigs from a tree.

She is a very easy going hedgehog. she will cuddle with you all day if you want her to. Well, she will cuddle with me all day.  the thing with hedgehogs is the more you handle them and the more you show them who is boss, the more the get used to you. from the beginning I made she that I was handling her every day. I would hold her, rub her, kiss on her. I didn’t let her get away with her huffing. I also found that she loves skin to skin contact. yes, I know what you are thinking… skin to skin with a hedgehog?!?!?images (4) they have quills! yes, they have quills. but the more you handle them the more easy they are to get used to. I barely even feel them now. she usually climbs into my shirt and either lays on my chest, stomach, or shoulder. my bf calls her my tumor. “IT’S NOT A TUMOR!!” in m best Arnold voice. yeah I know, prob not funny. but I cracked myself up just saying that lol

Twiggy is a very easy animal to care for but not for anyone. she is nocturnal. has to be in a certain temperature at all time. has to have a wheel that she gets so dirty at night because she runs on it. my bf wants to connect it up some how to a battery to power the house since she usually runs for about 6 hours straight. eats high protein cat food. litter box trained!DSCN0008

isn’t that face the cutest!?!?! I don’t have much pictures of her due to she is a fast little booger and I usually don’t have my phone/camera with me. I am hoping to get some more pictures of her if anyone is interested.





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