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Bullet journal


I love to be organized. I love lists. the act of crossing things off gives me such accomplishment and satisfaction I can not even explain it. i also love to craft. scrapbooking especially. the idea of journaling is something that i like to do as well but i never kept up with it. in the last couple of months i have been researching bullet journaling on pinterest.

wow…its a whole new world! there are bullet journaling clubs, events, aisles in stores just dedicated to the journals.

after doing a lot of research, i got into it. i started with a little journal from the dollar store. i grabbed some colorful pens and started making my monthly plans, weeklies, budget planners, quotes, etc.


I now have a dedicated book that i use. its called a moleskin dot journal. its basically blank and  you decorate based on what you want. there are journals out there that are already predated with boxes and quotes. some of these have different names… ex. happy planners.

you can buy all kinds of things. Scrapbook paper, pens, stickers, stencils, washi tape…oh the washi tape!

usually in my bullet journal is about what my month is going to be like. if i am more busy sometimes i spend a great deal on organizing it and making it pretty. here are some examples of my pretty spreads…

20170419_20191420170419_20185420170419_20185020170419_20181020170419_20174320170419_201731other times, I’m so busy that all i have time is writing down quickly what i am doing that week.this spread is very plain20170419_201818

my weeklies usually have goals, to do lists, meal plans, any important dates.

monthly views are just that… my whole month. sometimes i write, sometimes i use stickers.20170419_201751

my journal is ntexactly the prettiest. i am in a couple of groups on facebook and man these woman that have bullet journals make it look so pretty!

i basically just do what i want to do.

sometimes i include challenges for the month. i haven’t done anything since February. i did a “love myself” challenge. i really need to do another one. 20170419_201846

sometimes i do quotes are just quick reflections. this one i was having a lot of issues with work. i needed a way to express the anxiety i was feeling and a way to put it out there just for me.20170419_201925

recently, i have found out about happy planners. originally i did not want these journals. they are predated and usually are already done for  the whole year. thing about me is sometimes i don’t want to write things down. I’m usually ok. sometimes i just need a break. other times, i love writing stuff down. but the thought of not using certain pages really bothered me. it gave me anxiety. then i found the happy planner fitness journal. it is undated for 12 months. so i was able to start it when i started my weight loss journey. i able to track my monthly view, my weeklies. i love that it has quotes and that at the end i can add a picture. only if i develop it lol

in this kit i was able to get the book and stickers for weight loss. i love it! here are some pictures that are in the kit for weight loss20170419_20195920170419_20201420170419_20203520170419_20205820170419_20211920170419_202117


i then went back to the craft store….not letting my bf know lol. i had another couple and got a recipe happy planner journal. this book is so good. recently i have been trying out tons of recipes. but i don’t ever keep them, i just post on facebook or pinterest and hope i don’t lose them forever. i bought this kit and it came with a book with room for about 100 recipes with different categories. it also came with lots of stickers!

here are some of the pictures from the recipe book 20170422_21433020170422_21434520170422_21435520170422_21440020170422_21441320170422_21441920170422_21442420170422_214534


i know it isn’t fancy. i know that some people dont like it, but it is a way to keep me organized. i can write down how ever much i want or nothing at all. i can skip weeks at time and it doesn’t bother me that i am wasting pages because i can custom it to what i want.

if you are interested in bullet journal just comment below. also, look it up online on pinterest. or even google it. you will find tons of things. when you are in your local craft store… around here is micheals, joannas, hobby lobby look for the bullet journal section. they have it. it is real. it is so intense! look on etsy! amazon!

if you like to organize and make to do lists you will not believe what will open up for you doing bullet journals.



5 thoughts on “Bullet journal

  1. I (and my family) would be lost without my diary/organiser which tells me every day what each of us needs to do. And yes, I still use a paper one. But I had never come across these beautiful journals. I’m especially intrigued by the recipe one. Must try.

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