squashing dinner 

have u ever heard of spaghetti squash?!?


well, it is AMAZING. 

tonight I made spaghetti squash for the first time. 

I had my doubts. I’m not a squash eater. I don’t like zucchini unless it’s seasoned with lemon pepper (i know, big surprise) and slightly burned on the grill. 

ive seen so many recipes on Facebook and Pinterest that I figured I would try it. 

I decided to do it with ground beef and spagetti sauce. also served with pasta on the side because I didn’t know the boys would eat it or not.

first, cut your squash half way. this is the hardest part.

then poke with a fork, drizzle with olive oil, and season however you like.

I like ours a little spicy, so I used Cajun seasoning. ok a lot. lol 

cook on 350 for 45 to an hour. I took out about half way to poke it. cook until, soft. 

take your fork and then into spagetti!

easy meal.

my bf loved it. the kid, not so much.

I topped with spaghetti sauce n meat with a little cheese.

ive seen so many different recipes involving spaghetti squash. 


4 thoughts on “squashing dinner 

  1. I did this once and it turned out okay but there wasn’t a whole lot of flavor. Cajun spice is a great idea, and so is using sauce! I wish I had thought of that!


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