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Tuesday flop…NOT!

yesterday I wrote a post about making sure I got up at 545 to walk around and do my exercises. I wasn’t allowed to fall back to sleep.

well I woke up this morning not at 545 but 5 and got my butt in gear.

I let the dog out, got dressed, and headed out the door.

I walk for about 1.5 hours. did almost 2 miles. my arms and legs are sore from yesterday but I’m bound and determined. 

it is a beautiful morning. it’s one of those chilly but warm April mornings. you can smell the changes in the air. or maybe it’s just grass clippings!

I was trying not to look at houses to much because I know I look like a creeper.

I started listening to two different audio books. not sure why but I could not get into them. instead, opted for Pandora. 

is there any music that you listen to when you are working out or do you just walk, listen to a book, radio ?

I better get a move on, gonna do my couch to 5 k then get the kid up. by then should be getting around to work. 


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