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get yourself moving!

I had every intention to blog quite a bit today after dinner today. well, my surprise when I look down on my fitbit and I only have done 2000 steps. only. me the person that won three fitbit challenges last week. I figured after going to boy scouts and getting home it would go up. no, I came home to a little over 3000. 

after dinner I told myself get your butt up and start working out. if I’m going to watch t.v. I might as well walk. 

I decided to do my couch to 5k. I’m up to running for 5 minutes. oh god, help me. by 3 minutes my legs cramp and I want to give up. I do have to stop briefly and step. I never stop, just step lightly then run again. 

I did my couch to 5 k, stepping on stepper for 12 minutes, walking, and strengthening. I watch one show and half of another. which btw, the show mary kills people on lifetime is awesome. I might do a review of it. plus the show the arrangement. 

I was suppose to get up this morning to go walking…yeah just a thought. I need to get up tomorrow morning. maybe it’s just that 545 comes so fast. plus I go to bed late… it’s almost 1130. but I came home and worked out. I only work 3 hours tomorrow. might as well get up and if I want can always take a nap later. 

I put out all my clothes for tomorrow. this way I’m not fighting with myself in the morning to get going. 

i woke up this morning wide awake at 430. thinking to myself, on sleep for an hour then wake up. alarm woke up and I could barely get my eyes open. I don’t know if it’s the work schedule change or just fatigue from me staying up so late.

all I know is I need to get moving. I need to stop thinking about doing something and move. move. move. move.

this weight is not going to come off just writing about it. 

I’m off to bed… or prob gonna read some blogs till I fall asleep. my plan is if I wake up around 4 again I’m just going to get up and work out. stay up and get a move on. I will keep you updated!


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