Sunday sunny busy day

Wow, I am up to 32 posts! Thirty-two! man I write a lot, hopefully I’m not writing to much and annoying people to death lol. I am also up to 17 followers, which I can not believe. I never thought I would even get to 10. thank you to everyone that follows me and reads my blogs. is there anything else you want to see? anything that you don’t like reading on my blogs? any improvements?

I have been reading tons of blogs of people that I follow. I love reading what everyone has going with their lives. I recently have been reading, Cheila posts lately and she has been posting her to do list for the day. (look, BeaFreitas I did it!!!) This gives me some inspiration for a post for today. I usually write my to do list down in my bullet journal. if your asking yourself what a bullet journal is I am hoping to post a blog today about that, it is on my to do list after all. I love lists and journaling. I especially love crossing things off my to do lists but also I love showing to others what I did.

Somethings that I need to get done on this awesome sunny sunday:

  1. Dishes and put them away
  2. laundry and put away…ugh
  3. clean the bathroom, including scrubbing down the tub and sink
  4. clean the bathroom drawers and under sink
  5. dust …dust every where!!
  6. let Charlie out and run around (my rabbit)
  7. clean twiggys wheel (my hedgehog)
  8. go for a walk
  9. hang up pictures in bedroom that I recently got from dollar store
  10. meal plan for the week
  11. find a place for my fairy garden
  12. clean up my essential oils in the cabinet and organize them
  13. weed the front yard flower bed
  14. mail jeans back to GB
  15. put together shoe drawer
  16. wash windows where milo decides to lick all over them
  17. find a casserole dish for tomorrow dinner after scouts
  18. blog bullet journal
  19. make my nurse shirts for work
  20. read some of my book
  21. find out when library books due and write down dates
  22. mow the grass?
  23. plant rest of seeds outside in garden
  24. figure out what to do about my herbs in window

While I am writing this list, more stuff is getting added to it! it is already 2 pm here and I have yet to do anything. other than eat lunch and watch pitch perfect. the boys went fishing again so it is just me. I prob should get something done.. now where do I start?



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