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on the crazy fairy path

has anyone seen in the craft stores everything you can buy related to fairies? 

well….ive been seeing these every where. I’m not exactly into fairies but I found this cute woodland garden kit that has a hedgehog on it. I couldn’t pass it up because duh it’s a hedgehog and I love them. that’s why I have one! I bought this kit about 2 years ago. I had every intention of doing something, but I didn’t find the right container. when I saw my mom today, she had a white rock planter that was awesome. I knew as soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. 

I don’t want to go all crazy with it, just something to display. 

my bf said I’m getting older and that is why I’m doing fairies. he got a swift punch in the stomach. 

ok, not to hard. 

…..well maybe a little lol.

back to my hedgehog garden. it turned out cute. will i add more ? prob not but I had fun. 

I figured if you aren’t aware of fairy gardens, just take a trip to micheals, hobby lobby, or any craft store.

usually you buy some sort of container to hold your garden. containers can be planters, cups, bowls, etc. 

their are many fairy themes, shipping today I saw Easter, shore, traditional fairy themes, etc.

usually you buy a house for your fairy. 

plus you buy your fairy or characters. I saw many characters.. fairies, animals and people. 

then you can accessorize!

I did not include a fairy. I thought they looked creepy but I have my hedgehog so I’m happy!

I’m hoping to do my crafty blogs… I might even do a blog about some of my animals. 

let me know if you think this is cute or I’m I just being a weird middle age adult lol 

I guess it doesn’t matter cuz I love it! 


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