food combos

do you ever notice that when you are on a diet you have weird food combos?

I usually have my two shakes a day. this morning have a strawberry shake for breakfast. lunch I had cauliflower with some salsa on it with my lemon pudding shake. yes I know, weird combo. but with my shakes I’m already getting 200g of protein. I usually then eat some kind of vegetable. the crunchy the better. if you have never had cauliflower with salsa try it!

yes I’m sure I’ll be gassy later but I’m going to be working outside so it’s not like I’m stinking up the house 🙂

I also eat other weird combos. celery with salsa cause the chips are to unhealthy. cottage cheese with tomatoes. tomatoes, cucumbers with pepper. 

do you have any weird combos?

or maybe cravings ? I always crave cottage cheese with pickles or olives. no I’m not pregnant but I live pickles in my cottage cheese. I love pickles in general. 


4 thoughts on “food combos

  1. When I was doing my 28 day reset, I put salsa on EVERYTHING. it added awesome flavor to the bland things I was trying to make myself eat. So I’m definitely Team Salsa no matter what weird things you put it on!

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