bad haircut, nurses eat their young oh wait your not a nurse!!

have you ever got a bad haircut?

I did, I got a bad hair cut yesterday. I have my hair pretty short. stacked in the back and long in front. I told her to take off 2 inches, she took off 4! I told her I look like a boy! then my bf tells me, I look like a chubby boy. I haven’t talked to him all day now. he owes me big time. if I talk to him again. 

I’m not sure if that started my bad mood or what. it might have been the b**** i encountered at work today. I’m still new at my job in the doctors office. I have worked in an office for multiple years, but only about a month at this office. the receptionist decided to scould me today about scheduling a patient. then proceeded to tell me how to triage a patient. I told her I knew how to do it and then she said “some times nurses need more help”. I then said,” oh I didn’t know you were a nurse”. her response, “I’m not”. me,” I guess I better ask a nurse then for help”. 

I know, I should have shut up and didnt say anything. but my pet peeve is someone in the medical field saying or acting like a nurse, and YOUR NOT A NURSE! it’s a slap in my face about the schooling and training that I have went thru. you didn’t. you didn’t earn your title. I did. I hate it. I left my other job because the medical assistant kept calling herself a nurse, she isn’t, and when I called her out on it I wasn’t being a “team player ” by my boss. I said fine, ” I’m not the one that will get in trouble when she tells a patient advice, especially advice from someone that didn’t pass her exam to become a medical assistant. I know I sound mean. but working in the medical field, you can’t mess around. I worked in a hospital and a nurse assistant would never give advice. it isn’t there place. so in a doctors office why is it ok?!?!

that situation, along with my haircut, and bf comment I wasn’t happy. bring in me coming home and then find out we have an hour to a bday party that i need to buy a gift for. 

I’m sure my ramblings of a bad day aren’t that big of a deal. they might seem small to what others deal with. I think i was just pissed and it lead to feeling more pissed about stupid little things. 

I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day. 


6 thoughts on “bad haircut, nurses eat their young oh wait your not a nurse!!

  1. So sorry for your bad day. I had a horrific hair cut once. I was living in Singapore, where hairdressers are not too used to curly hair like mine and I thought I would be clever and save money by going to one of the super cheap ones where you put a note in a machine in the wall and get a ticket number then queue to be called for a dry cut, finished off with a vacuum cleaner which sucks out the cuttings off your shoulders. I came out looking like a clown. Only much later I realised that those shops were only ever used by men…

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