what do you do when you start to lose motivation? i have started a lot of diets in the past and they were going great and then bam, no motivation and I give up. I don’t want that to happen due to I’ve already come so far.

I tried looking back on past diets as well as activities that I have started. I start full stream and then bam I’m done. after sitting here, I’ve started a lot of things without keeping up with them.

some examples:

quilting, I suck at it so I haven’t gone back to it. plus I can’t get my sewing machine to work.

jewelry making. I started it, made bracelets for everyone and then no one else wanted them so I stopped. 

crocheting. I started a blanket two years ago. still working on it. 

why so I start things then give them up? I’m hoping to stop the cycle of not following through. I want to follow thru on losing weight. I’m trying to be good. exercising everything day. but the lack of motivation and the verge of stopping is creeping in. I’m worried. 

I’m gonna get off here and go walk!


8 thoughts on “motivation 

  1. I’m the same way. Especially with craft projects. I call it my “Crafting ADD”. I think I started all the same projects as you did! And abandoned almost all of them. I still knit, so I dabble a bit with crochet, but I still have a half made baby quilt, a crochet blanket that I’ve started over 5 times, and a bunch of jewelry making supplies that I literally used once.

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  2. You’re not alone so don’t beat yourself up when you screw it up one day. When I feel demotivated when it comes to fitness, I try to seek inspiration from others like Youtube videos. I’ll watch other girls for meal or workout ideas and it help lots! Aside from advise, the positive vibes some people give can be infectious and you can take that away as well. Hope you’re feeling better!:))


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