Weigh-in #3

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Today is weight in number three. I weighed in at 210lb! It means I have lost about 15 lbs. I am starting to notice little changes. Clothes not as tight. more energy. when it comes to eating, I am noticing that I am getting full on the new changes I have to make. before, I would have ate tons of fries without thinking. now I measure out, usually I can have 1 cup. one cup fills me up and I love me some potatoes!

I bought a new bullet journal for my fitness planning. I will be posting another blog probably later this week about what it looks like plus a little about bullet journaling. the journal is awesome! I am able to do my weekly meals, exercise, water, and steps. I can set up goals, notes. I can decorate it all I want. stay tuned for my blog about this journal.

Monday was my day off. I made a promise to myself that I need to exercise every day but Mondays with work and scouts it is hard to do.

I am bound and determined to kick my sister in laws butt this week on our fitbit challenge! it doesn’t help that she works at night and does nothing but walk. she is a nurse as well and works as a house supervisor in a hospital. gag, been there, done that, never again.

I only had to work until 3 today. the boys really didn’t want to go for a walk after dinner so I had plans to walk by myself. I ended up saying casually that i’m going to go to the library to drop off a book and the kid was ready to go with. he loves the library. we didn’t leave the house until 715 and the library closes at 8. got there in about 20 minute till close. plenty of time to get new books.

I walked about 1.5 miles, did my couch to 5k workout, HIIT strength training and 15 minutes of plain walking/stepping.

the couch to 5 k workout is starting to get a little harder. you have to do 3 minutes of jogging now. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. but I powered thru. i usually do these while watching something on tv. it seems to go faster and i don’t really pay much attention to time as much as i do.

the HIIT strength training was my first time doing it today. I have been doing a lot of walking but not really focusing on strengthening my muscles. i started slow and now it is time to pick up the pace. the training killed my arms. you are suppose to do 20 secs of each exercise. i ended up just counting to 20 because i found that i was counting by twos or counting really fast because the pain was getting worse. i was proud of myself that i was able to finish the work out.  i might hurt tomorrow, but it will be worth it.

even though i love walking at night. i feel like i have so much stuff in the evening that i need to get done, that i am rushing and worrying. i want to get house stuff done, cook dinner, read, blog, and sit outside with the family. i also want to walk about 1-3 miles every night. i know i can just adjust what i do, but I’m trying hard to also get to bed before midnight some nights. my goal for tomorrow is to get up about 545 and walk till about 645. i am either going to do treadmill or walk around the block. my bf is giving me a hard time that i got a treadmill from my sister to walk on and i haven’t been using it since the weather is nice. i just stuck my tongue out at him and told him to go look in his shed at all the tools he had to buy but doesn’t use. he told me he is waiting for a rainy day and then regretted those words. lol.

will i wake up at 545?!? we shall see since it is going on 1030. camelWednesday is hump day and what better way to get over hump day then to walk it out!


2 thoughts on “Weigh-in #3

  1. 15 pounds is great!!!! Congratulations. I love my journal, I am very diligent about putting everything in my journal, especially food eaten, water amounts and exercise. My husband just got me an Apple Watch, the one you can swim in. I am very excited to see how it works!!!

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