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close enough to touch by colleen oakley

everyone has allergies of some kind. what would you do if you were allergic to human touch? 

you couldn’t hug anyone. forget about kissing your loved ones. how would you have children? just a simple touch would push you to the point of death. 

in the book, close enough to touch, the main character jubilee is allergic to the human touch. she hasn’t experienced another person’s touch in years. she grew up without the ability to experience life. 

when her mother left, jubilee was able to become a recluse for nine years. nine years of not talking to people or even coming in contact. 

jubilee finds out her mother passed away and now must make a living for herself. she turns to her only friends in the last couple of years, books. she gets a job a local library.

enter Eric. he is a divorced father who moves closer to his sister to figure out how to be a better father to his adopted son. he wants to be a better father and wants to be happy. 

Eric meets jubilee and is drawn to her. she is unique and interesting. he wants more but can not figure out why she won’t allow him close. 

this story grabbed me in the first couple of pages. I was intrigued by how quirky jubilee is. I was reading how she thinks and was felt like we were best friends! 

I would recommend this book to anyone. if you want a romantic love story then this is for you. 


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