Monday rush

Monday’s are always the busiest. you have to fight the urge to sleep in. doesn’t help when school starts a half hour later on Mondays and I don’t work till 9. getting everyone up including myself, showered and dressed is always a challenge. it is usually me yelling at the kid to hurry up and take a shower. why do kids take so long In showers?!? what do they have to wash lol. 

Monday night’s are the worse. I usually don’t get off till 5 but today I was off by 3. homework needs to be done, chores, making sure dinner is in the crockpot or planned out. 

tonight it was getting home and making sure he was done. then trying to get chores down even though is was beautiful outside. we ended up striking a deal of not sweeping and just going outside to have fun. we did bubbles. I finished a book and soaked up the sun. 

boy scouts was a jumble of ideas. we are preparing for camporee. camporee is camping for 3 days. adults are allowed to go and the bf and I discussed that I would go. he would like to go but he has this nasty habit of smoking. plus he cusses every other word and that isn’t exactly a good thing for a group of boys. don’t get me wrong, the group masters and myself aren’t perfect but we know that he would not be happy. we planned our meal that we will be cooking plus talking about what we need to bring for first aid kit and supplies. keeping the boys entertained is always the hardest because all they want to do is talk. I guess might as well! lol

we end up having to rush home because it is already 8 and we live about a 45 min away. home, showers, finishing dinner then eat. usually we try to watch a tv show all together. we are addicted to tiny house hunters, top chef, any hgtv show, how’s it’s made. we love it. 

even though Monday’s are the busiest I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’m not sure what I’m going to do in the summer when the kid is visiting his mother. I’m going to miss him!


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