living off the grid… or just in the windowsill

have you ever been jealous of the people that live their life in a simple way? I mean people that grow there own food, live without all the technology, organic, green. 

I guess I have been more aware of these things lately. I’m not sure why I became aware of these things. I guess it was around the same time that I started learning about essential oils. I research remedies but also ways to clean your house. when researching, I found ways to grow your own garden in your windowsill. having a garden is a dream of mine. 

a dream.

does it usually happen.. sometimes. I’m not sure of it’s me not having a green thumb, watering, lack of sun.. 

who knows. I just know sometimes my plants don’t grow. 

I’m prob jinxing myself just talking about it.

I decided to planet a garden. I used old pallets to form my rows. buckets for potatoes and other planets I didn’t want down in the dirt.

listen to me, down in the dirt?!? lol

any who, lol

I planted so far pumpkins, green beans, potatoes and tomatoes. I’ll be planting some more. I am growing from seeds because it seems that I struggle with the real plants 

in my research of gardening I found out about vegetables that grow themselves. I figured, I eat so many vegetables why don’t I try this out!

so far I have started to *grow* carrots, celery, lettuce, avocado, pineapple. so far everything but pineapple and avocado have grown but those take weeks. 

I also decided to plant onions in a little planter. I live green onions. 

I also decided to do an herb garden. I bought these mason jars and after some planning hung them up on shower roads in a window. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with my *garden*.

I love cooking with fresh herbs. I didn’t have much patience for my herbs to start growing plus I needed some for cooking. 

I saw somewhere that you could save herbs in ice trays. you cover with oil and then freeze. I decided to use coconut oil because it’s healthier. I did thyme, basil, and parsley. 

my goal is for everything to grow and eventually not have to buy as much vegetables in the summer. plus, I would love to can so vegetables to can would be awesome!!!

I’m hoping that everything continues to grow. I’ll keep posting pictures 🙂


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