Sun-kissed skin

today the temperature high was 78. in April. this is not something that we are used to in my area. we took advantage of the sunny day by opening up the windows in the house. I love opening the windows out and letting the breeze come in. start a candle or my infuser to get nice scents. 

today was also free fishing day.the boys fished why I read. I finished ‘the girl before’ and posted a review. awesome read. even though the boys didn’t catch anything we had fun. 

some of the pictures from the lake we fished at. 

went to my bf parents house for Easter brunch. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety about going to the house because of the issues I’m having with bf mom. it wasn’t to bad. I just stayed clear. tried not to make to much of a big deal about comments.
we had an awesome meal. I was really good. didn’t over eat. counted how much I ate. we also had an egg hunt for the kids, which was hilarious to watch. 

after visiting we went home to relax. the boy played outside while I sat in the chair and read another book. we ended the night by taking a 3 mile walk around town. we took a mini break and had some ice cream. lemon cheesecake for me, duh I love lemon! blue heron special for the boy, just fancy name for chocolate ice cream lol.

it was an awesome day. my skin is sun kissed. I’m relaxed. it was a good day with my boys. tomorrow is round two for Easter. I need to put together the Easter basket. hopefully I wake up in time to work out before we leave for my moms. 


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